Super Drol/ Tren Bloodwork

  1. Super Drol/ Tren Bloodwork

    Thought people might be interested in my bloodwork results after a 20 day run of superdrol dosed at 10mg a day for the 1st 5 days and 20mg a day thereafter and then a 20 day PCT followed by a 21 day run of superdrol (20mg) per day and Tren(120mg) per day. This run was followed by a 21 day PCT and 2 week's clean of all supps prior to bloodwork.

    Age 46
    workout 5-6 days a week

    All my general chemistry readings ie. Glucose thru Ionized Calcium were in the middle to upper acceptable ranges.
    Liver (AST, ALT, Alk Phos, Total Bilirubin, GGT, Cholesterol, Proteins)
    This group of tests helps evaluate various functions and health of the liver. Decreased liver function, inflammation, infection, or neoplasia of the liver and gall bladder may be detected by one or all of these tests.

    AST/SGOT 30 normal is 0-48
    ALT/SGPT 39 normal is 0-52
    Bilirubin total .4 normal is .1-1.4
    Alkaline Phos. 53 normal is 30-130
    Cholesterol 133 was the over and the normal is 140-200
    HDL was 45 normal is 40- 80 ( a greater level of HDL is desireable)
    LDL was 75 normal is 57-100
    LDL/HDL ratio was 1.7 normal is .5-3.0

    So as with every other log I read with bloodwork the cholesterol good and bad is affected. During my cycles and PCT I ran numerous other supports such as fish oil, garlic, resveretol ect..

    Another noticeable affect was my blood pressure was jacked 147/73. I notied this really after adding TREN. My blood pressure has now almost reached a consistant normal range (it used to to really good and it should return with being clean of supps for a longer period). Effects on muscle mass from the 1st run was 7 pounds of muscle on a cutting diet. All excercises went up drastically. Kept it all. 2nd run added 5 pounds of muscle but injured a tendon in my elbow doing curls. Went way to heavy and could have went even heavier so I need to watch out for over aggression. Kept it all after pct despite injury.

    Hopes this helps and remember I used every supplement for support that I thought would be beneficial during the stress I was placing on my liver and heart.

  2. Just goes to show how proper supplementation and support during a cycle can go a long way and that, if things are done properly, you can avoid long-term damage to your body. Thanks for being responsible and doing things the right way to avoid giving this stuff more of a bad name than it has already.

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