New Guy, Want Sugg. to improve stack

  1. New Guy, Want Sugg. to improve stack

    Hey all! I just found this forum, and WOW a lot of info on here. It will def take a little while to sift through it all. I am in the army and love to lift. I also have 3 kids and a wife, which is counterproductive it seems to being big and lean. The stress and daily grind is tough to a diet and exercise regimin. BUT, I am deploying next month, and will be able to get 100% back into it. Here's what I did last year on deployment:
    N.O. Xplode1-2 scoops pre and 1 scoop off days
    Cellmass 1 scoop post 1 scoop before bed
    Twinlabs Trib fuel 1 cap 3x day
    Amino fuel 4 tabs after meals
    ZMA 3 caps at night
    GNC DHEA vita pack once a day
    ON 100% whey approx 3-4 50 gram shakes a day. the amino fuel has 20 grams of protein per serving so that nets me appro 200 grams supplemented per day. I still don't know how people manage to take in 2grams per pound of body weight. must be expensive!!!

    Gains: I started out with the goal of losing weight. I was about 190 and 13% and wanted to get a little leaner and about 185 to fight middleweight in the fight club we had going (MMA type). I got down to 187 after about a month and a half, and was HUNGRY all the time, etc. My body likes to gain muscle. So I said screw it and tried to gain. I like that much better. I started in May, and by SEP, I was 210 and 9-10 % BF. Then a shoulder injury cut all that short.

    so now I am about 200 and 13-14 % per tape test, and looking to get after it.
    I want to step it up a bit. Seeing how I had pretty good gains from the stack above, I'd really like to see about an H-drol cycle. some thing like a 3 week mini, then a pct. everything the same minus the Hdrol, add pct.
    Pre workout NO supp
    post recovery/creatine
    cycle assist
    fish oils
    LOTS of protein

    I have read on here that NO Xplode and cell mass are old tech and there are much better supp out there, so I will find a new one. I will keep reading and learning, and any help or sugg will be greatly appriciated. Sorry for MSGLNGTH.

  2. what does your diet look like? its good to take in supplemented protein but its essential to get alot of protein in through natural foods. will the hdrol be your first ph cycle?

  3. well, I am limited overseas to what i eat, but try to make the best of it. lean meats, nuts, oatmeal, green veggies, fiber, whole grains, lots of water... I eat plenty when I'm training. I had really good gains with what I was doing. Just looking for constructive criticism for what i'm taking. I am not a noob to diet and exercise, or the physiology of it all. Just a noob to supplementing. I am a Warrior Athlete, and want to be at the TOP of my game when I'm out there winning the war. Yes first PH cycle.

  4. if your diet and training is right get ready for some sick gains. ive only done hdrol solo and the gains were amazing

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