Mass Tabs Log (Bottle type...Caps)

  1. Mass Tabs Log (Bottle type...Caps)

    Age: 23
    Height: 6' 5"
    Weight: 205
    BF: approx 12ish? Dont have a caliper, but i have abs when flexed
    History: Lifting for 3 years or so but only "serious" and correctly for almost 2 now.

    Well i have grown from a "baby giraffe" 165 lbs kid who didnt know much of anything to my current 205 and a good amount of knowledge. Wanting to get a push past my current slow point and a friend suggested Mass tabs. I know some are like WTF! 205 and on to PHs! Yes I understand I am not at my "natural potential" but want a push past my current weight and feel i deserve it since I have added 40 the natty way.

    Dosage will go as follows: 8 days at 1 cap in AM, 9 days at 2 caps AM, 4 days 1 cap AM making a total of 21 day cycle and a 30 cap bottle. I chose to do a 3 week cycle since I am over 200 lbs and wanted to use 2 caps but only 1 bottle. I feel the work up to 2 will let me watch for heavy sides and the taper off will increase the success of my PCT regiement and keeping of gains in mass and strength.

    On cycle i will be taking:
    Serious mass for extra calories
    ON creatine mono (about 7g a day, no loading)
    ON Platinum whey post workout
    ON 100% Casein 1 scoop at night with half scoop of S Mass
    Animal PAK
    USPLabs SuperCissus (No load, just 5 caps daily at start of cycle)
    USPLabs PowerFULL.
    Liver tabs
    Omega 3-6-9

    I know there is a grocery list of cycle support supps but in Animal Pak there are most of the main ones.

    For PCT:
    TestoPRO:__ _____0 / 0 / 4 / 4 / 4 / 4 /
    AI PCS:__________0 / 4 / 4 / 4 / 4 / 0 /

    Goals: Overall mass but hoping for most of it to go to my shoulders, arms, legs as they are my most lacking bodyparts. Overall look for 10 lbs after completion of PCT. Strength focus is on squat and CG Bench

    Workout Style: I will be doing pyramid sets on the compound lifts and 8-12 reps on everything else. Split is 3 on 1 off with chest/tri, back/bi, shoulders/legs (s/legs are split morning and evening) I only do 2 sets of incline and flat DB press as my chest is naturally big. I do however do 2 sets of incline, flat, and decline flys to increase my quality. (Switching each week from DB flys to Cable flys.) I am deployed and on a ship so I am limited to certain equipment. Lifting on a rocky ship can sometimes mess up max weight quite a bit but i will note when this happens and therefore give an accurate depiction of my gains on this cycle. CG Bench and Military Press are done on Smith machine which i feel is sluggish and there the bar is "worth" more than 10 lbs however weights are given as it is a 10 lbs bar.

    DB Flat Bench: 95's x 9
    Smith CG Bench: 135 x 7
    Deadlift: 315 x 4
    Leg Press Machine: "12" plate x 10
    Smith Military Press: 135 x 7
    Standing BB curl: 85 x 5

    Measurements done on my off day, all are done unflexed except bicep which i have found to be more consistantly taped flexed.

    Weight: 204
    Bicep: 15in
    Chest: 42 3/8
    Shoulders: 48 13/16
    Thigh: 22 1/2
    Calf: 14 7/8
    Forearm: 11 5/16
    Pooch: 34 1/2 (Measured on my lower ab that sticks out a bit more than the top 2, want to track it as it will show fat gain for comparison to weight gain)

    WELP quite a bit of info there for you but I wish to make a detailed account!

  2. Day 4 of Mass tabs (1 cap dose)

    Had a good Chest/Tri day. No real strength gains to report, however DBs on bench felt lighter and did CG for 155x7 which is a 20 lbs increase but i think more attributed to motivation and being a ***** last few workouts. Tho the mass tabs haven't fully kicked in im sure, i am gettin good workouts from the "placebo effect". Honestly I do feel a bit more dense which makes me very anxious to get deeper into the cycle. No sides to speak of except feeling a bit more tired throughout the day. Lathargy is a common side supposedly. I dont feel that it is bad enough to inhibit me from functioning throughout the day and DEFO not enough to miss a workout, or workout with less intensity. I will post again on my off day with any significant changes in measurements.

  3. Measurments Update


    Off day today (Day 8 on tabs @ 1 a day)

    I weighted myself this morning before bfast and was very suprised that 212 came up. Most i have seen myself is at 206 and i was 204 three days into my cycle. I am guessing i am taking on quite a bit of water weight, however i havent taken my creatine the last 2 day because of headaches in an attempt to stay more hydrated. Other measurements are as follows:

    Biceps: 15 1/8 (+1/8) Solid gain i think because my arms are my leanest
    Chest: 44 1/4 (+1 3/4) Chest doesnt look much bigger which is great because that means most of it is on my back...yay
    Shoulders: 49 (+2/7)
    Thigh: 22 3/4 (+3/4)
    Calf: 15 (+0) Disappointing...but eh
    Forearm: 11 7/8 (+3/8)
    Weight: 212 (+8) As i said before...obv some water weight in there

  4. Chest/Tris yesterday. Been having great increases on CG Bench was: 135x12, 155x10,165x8,165x8. Last two sets show a +30lbs increase as well as another rep to boot! My training parter says that half of that is just me working harder... that kinda hurt but i guess there is some truth to that as on day 3 i had a 10lb increase on the same lift...when its not possible that the tabs were kickin in yet.

    Another note is that yesterday was day 9 so i am taking another tab around 7pm to make a total of 2 a day for the next 9 days then back to 1 tab a day for the last 4. I figure this is the best way to double up tabs...take them 12 hours apart rather than 2 at the same time. Also upping to 2 animal paks and starting PowerFULL. I got some free Shockwave from SciFit and am taking that as a intra workout supp...its whatever

    Originally Posted by sanchezgreg18

    Yes supposedly thats whats in it. On the bottle it is labeled as MethylSten... who knows what that is. From what i have heard (unfortunatly AFTER i bought it) that IDS is shady at best.

    As for today's update....Today was back/bi's and went up another 10 lbs on bent over row... did 135x12, 165x10, 175x8, 175x7. Did 85x8 on BB Curl for last 2 sets with stricter form then i did 5 reps at the begining. I am going to attempt 90 next week. Only day two on 2 caps but no sides yet. Acne, joint soreness, ect all are non-existant. Have laid off the mono creatine till the last 4 days of the cycle... couldnt get enough water in with all the supps and was gettin bad headaches. Now i dont have them soooo problem solved!

    for tuning in!

  5. Shoulders/Legs today. Started with legs in the AM and the workout was OK at best. Just wasnt feeling it but still went up on leg press...just didnt have it for deadlifts this week. Shoulders in the afternoon and i felt great. Great pump and added 10 lbs to military press and upright row. This is the 3rd day on 2 caps a day and the first "sides" my have surfaced. My usuallypainless TMJ (jaw clicking) has become painful and i felt like i had "old man" knees for the first half of the day, but that subsided. All other possible sides are non-existant. Tomorrow is an off day which means i will be weighting in and doing measurements. Utill then!

  6. hey man ive got some of thse too but havent ran them. ill follow your log!
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  7. Day 12 on Mass Tabs and its off day so i have measurements update.

    First off i have never done any PH's before but these seem to be working quite well. Strength/mass gains and i feel more dense and full. My two workout buddies arent keeping track of stuff like me but they agree with what i have been puttin in.

    Strange that i only went up 1/2 a lb but i still increased on chest and shoulders by 1/2 inch and maybe about 1/8 an inch on arms. Calves didnt budge but thighs gained just over a 1/4 in to push me over 23. If i can get a another 1/2 inch there and a 1/2 inch on my calves then i will be happy with leg progress...especially given what i am working with on ship. I am increasing my serious mass intake and am starting PowerFull tonite to make sure i keep up progress. TMJ pain i mentioned yesterday went away so i am real happy about that. Honestly tho i think even at over 200 lbs taking 1 a day would be best over the 30 caps in the bottle. I am no expert but i dont know how much taking 2 is increasing gains as opposed to just the 1. I am on a specific time table and need to finish this cycle and get off pct all before the end of the first week of april so...its what i gotta do. Chest/tri's tomorrow...ill keep yall posted!
  8. Update

    Chest/tri day: Went up another 10 lbs on CG Bench and did 90'sx8 for incline. Got kicked out of the gym mid workout by the gay ass Navy for a resupply...bleh
    Back/Bi: Felt great, had a huge's finally grew! did 95x6 and went up on incline curls as well... hopefully the measurements improve too!
    Was super busy all day and couldnt do shoulders today...on for tomorrow
    Shoulders/Legs: Had to do a long run with the section so i ended up only doing 5 sets of leg press because thats all i had left in my legs. Did shoulder workout later and it was pretty pitiful. Managed to still do my 165 for military press but only for 5 reps and last week was 7... just wasnt feeling it that day.


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