three weeks on OEP and anabolic pump

  1. three weeks on OEP and anabolic pump

    Just thought I would give an update on my honest review of these 2 products. I had put on a few pounds over the holidays but still was in the gym daily. On jan4th I began using OEP and anabolic pump. I have been eating 3 regular meals a day in order to try to control insulin release and staying pretty low carb( between 50-100g a day). Between meals I will take in a shake to keep protein intake high and nutrition in my system. 3 to 4 days a week I will do fasted cardio upon awaking for 15 minutes and then eat breakfast and head to the gym. I lift 4-5 days a week. I have eaten really clean, the worst thing I have taken in was a angus burger with fries at mcdonalds and one night I had fried fish, but other than that have been on point. No ice cream for 3 weeks and that is torture for me. Last week I added in divanex, fenugreek, and maca to my regimen and starting next week will begin using prime. This morning weigh in I am 12 pounds under what I started at and strength has gone up on all lifts. I can not attribute all this to oep and ap because I have eaten clean and strict, but has definitely helped. I also take bulk 1 carboxy about 3 nights a week and use jack3d on leg day. Other than that have been using only basic protein, some creatine, and 5-6 grams of fish oil. If you all have any recommendations or input I would be glad to hear them, but so far am happy and would recomend these supplements to others. I would like to add in some recreate but will have to wait a few more weeks when i can afford it, unless some has some they want me to test for them

  2. I'd like to follow your progress. I have prime and anabolic pump sitting here that I will start soon, I may add OEP as well since it's on sale and has great reviews. If I get brave I may try to log it.

  3. Good review, keep us up on your progress.

  4. Any updates?
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