Jack3d Fruit Punch Clumpy/Wet looking

  1. Jack3d Fruit Punch Clumpy/Wet looking

    Im hooked on the Jack3d product its incredible much props to you guys for a Fantastic Pre Workout product. My question is this I purchased a bottle from GNC (Awful establishment hate these guys) When i opened it it was clumpy like it had gotten Wet. Anybody had this issue? I went back to GNC the next Morning and they did not allow me to change it out. I went over it with them for 15 minutes what was going on. Dude was a PRICK!!

    I have purchased 4 this being my 5th and its at least half un scoopable. Was this just a fluke or has this happened to others?

    Great Product though just did not like spending 30 bucks and not being able to use it.

  2. that is definitely moisture damage, possibly from a broken seal. its happened to me before when i have opened containers of jack3d and left them sitting for a couple of weeks before using them again. i would write a letter to the GM at your GNC and explain this to him. im pretty sure they are required to exchange damaged products.

  3. Thats what i thought. The owner actually works out at my gym i see him all the time. He fed me a line that i need to get a hold of the manufactures because his products are not placed in water damping areas. Dudes a jerk. The plastic was around the lid so it was not opened for sure. I dont know just sucks being out 30 bucks i was just curious if any others had this happened maybe it was a manufactured thing that was being looked into. I purchased the product 1/25 and opened 1/26 its a new product it wasn't nothing i did i dont think. Straight from the bag to the cabinet

  4. Happened to me, too. Opened it and it was fine. Within 2 weeks it started clumping. Had to chop it like dope to use it. My training partner stores his in a sandwich bag and removes all the air. Said it happened to him. GNC sucks.

  5. mine is fine powder. take it back to gnc if you have your receipt, they have 30 day no question refund

  6. Ya GNC is a Joke. They blame it on a Manufacture issue. I guess i have to get another one. Sucks but it happens i guess.

  7. Last time I opened my jacked(not the new jack3d, I still have a full container back from the inner circle release ) it was one big azz rock! I just broke it up and tossed it into a blender and I was good to go! Good stuff


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