Recently I was very lucky to try a sample of Anabolic Innovations New Whey Protein. I sampled the Vanilla and the Chocolate flavors.:

Vanilla: Unlike some vanilla flavors which are very bland, this protein is very rich in vanilla taste and has no weird or bitter or minerally after taste. Extremely good tasting and I am easily one of the most enjoyable whey's i have yet to taste. This is a whey i see more as a treat then as a supplement based on taste.

Prep: 4 oz of cold milk in a shaker bottle

Rating: 9/10

Why? Because the chocolate was a 10/10

Chocolate: I have never been a huge fan of chocolate since its usually hit or miss. When it's a hit the whey taste's great, when it's a miss the whey taste like the back end of a rhino. Now Anabolic Innovations Beta samples was a definite hit. It was smooth, creamy and has a rich chocolatey taste that made me sad i didnt have more. It is very rare i taste a whey that taste's so good with a little milk and shaken up. I thought the vanilla was a 10/10 till i tasted the chocolate. I will definitely buy this whey when it hits the market.

Prep: 4 oz of milk in a shaker bottle