Cookies & Cream Real Gains Review (Spons.)

  1. Cookies & Cream Real Gains Review (Spons.)


    First off I want to thank Universal and Hoomgar for letting me try this product. I would also like to apologize for the delay in my review -- life got a little hectic this past month. I have only tried a few "weight gainers" and was really excited to try this product. I love C&C if executed properly -- and I have not found a company yet to do so (that I personally enjoyed). This one takes the cake. I am going to go from start to finish on what you can expect when using C&C Real Gains.

    TUB: 5/5

    First thing you notice is, "Damn this is a big tub!" as with most weight gainers. No shortage of product in this thing. Packaging is sick as with any Animal product and I feel badass just looking at it. Lid confused the **** out of me at first but once I figured out how to remove the little piece I got it open (Ya, I'm that smart).

    AROMA: 5/5
    You pop open the lid (eventually) and the first thing that hits you is this EXCELLENT smell of Cookies & Cream. It smells identical to C&C ice cream and fills the whole room. This alone made me excited to taste it.

    I tried with both milk and water and it seemed to mix the same in both, if not a tiny bit harder in milk. I just used my shaker. I would basically shake the **** out of it for a couple minutes. The product would kind of get stuck in the "webbing" of the shaker and some on the sides as it is quite thick. There would be a few chunks within the liquid (not the delicious chocolate) but nothing drastic. Overall, as far as a weight gainer goes -- which normally do not mix that well in just a shaker -- this was excellent. I don't mind a little chunk if it tastes this good.

    TASTE: 5/5
    Did you read what I said about the smell? Well, apply that to the taste. The stuff is delicious. I felt guilty drinking it as if I was having a milkshake. I liked it better in milk as it gave me a more thick taste (like a milkshake) but water was not bad at all. Plus, I can use the extra cals. They really nailed the flavor of cookies & cream. The little chunks of chocolate in the mix were awesome. Albeit I usually got them all at the end (but no complaining there). I did not expect the flavor profile to match the smell of the product at all -- but it really followed through.

    TEXTURE: 5/5
    Texture was perfect. Like I said before, it was like a light milkshake when mixed with milk. Definitely not a "thick" formula and went down great.

    An often overlooked aspect of weight gainers until you drink one is the incredible fill they give. This was not bad at all. I was definitely not usually hungry after a shake but it did not make me uncomfortable. I contribute this a lot to the flavor as a nasty weight gainer makes you feel sick afterwards. I felt great!

    I can't really comment on weight gained as I don't usually track that closely and my diet varied so much in this timeframe from being so busy. I can guarantee that when I get a little extra cash I am going to buy the 6 pounds of this product. I am sold on the flavor alone, let alone the incredible ingredient profile. At $38.95 current on AM, this is a sick deal for double the size sent to us testers. Honestly, if you are looking for something to help with a bulk that tastes goods and delivers -- this is it. Universal delivers again in my book.

    If you don't believe me, just look how jacked that chic got from just setting it on her ass.

  2. Thumbs up

    I was out last week myself bro but wanted to thank you for the well written review. The stuff is crazy good and I'm looking forward to getting back into some myself.

    I had no idea you were supposed to put the tub there though? Here I've been using it all wrong!


  3. Good God. Love the model!

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