Well I plan to run my next cycle sometimes end of february.

hdrol 100/100/100/100/100/100
furuza 300/300/300/300/300/300
formestane 4 squirts

nolva and clomid for 6wks and formestane mid nolva/clomid tapered down past nolva/clomid gradually.

liver support
cycle support
ot multi
fish oil
coconut virgin butter
isoflex protein
sportslabs creatine micronized 5mg morning 5mg evening
lots of water
lots of chicken, beef, cheeze and on anabolic diet

Goal, drop bf% add lbm, i want dry hard look/definition/strength... not interested in bulky wet gains

I've done hdrol and formestane together with great results... thought id do a 6wk cycle like this. I had no crazy sides on 100mg previously. BP obviously stuff like that

Was wondering if i could get real gear (save money) what id run in contrast to a cycle like this?