Protein bars are used for nutritional supplement. They typically contain high milligrams of protein. They are favored by body builders and folks trying to lose weight and can provide a boost to those who are training for an event, like a marathon, for example, or for those who are looking to shed some pounds while not being hungry.

What Do They Do?

Muscle is built from protein. Additional protein in the diet is thought to build muscle while using fat energy stores. They are used by athletes to assist with meeting dietary and nutritional recommendations. These bars are packed with protein and can be used to replace protein lost through diet and exercise. Protein bars can also be used for meal replacement when trying to lose weight. They will provide the body with important nutrients that may be missing when meals are skipped.

How Do They Taste

Protein bars are made in different flavors to make them more palatable. They can actually be quite tasty; they are shaped like traditional candy bars. They taste similar to a granola bar but are denser.

Are There Any Side Effects

There are no known side effects from eating a protein bar. There may be some bowel issues if there are too many of these bars consumed in a twenty four hour period but typically eating the recommended amount of bars in a twenty four hour period will alleviate any potential issues. It is important to note that many low carb protein bars are laden in calories and thus overruled for weight loss. Always check the calorie and fat content to make sure that you're not absorbing more calories than you would when eating regular foods. Also, the sodium content should be closely looked at when purchasing them as sodium can cause water retention and make you gain weight (as well as being a culprit in high blood pressure).

Where to Buy Them

These bars can be found for purchase is most health food stores and some grocery stores. They are usually available at gyms, pharmacies and other vitamin type shops. They can also be purchased online from an online dealer. The cost is minimal for best protein bars. They are not meant for children under the age of eighteen.