Trying Jack3d for the first time.. #1

  1. Trying Jack3d for the first time.. #1

    today is the first time im trying jack3d.. ive taken a lot of pre work outs such as n.o. explode, superpump250, training day, black powder, nano vapor.. and alot more so it shouldn't be anything different.. i did how ever notice such a small bottle and scooper.. obviously this means its potent as hell or is ****.. the following is some basic stuff to know about my body style so you can get an idea on how everything is going and so forth.. hopefully this will help you make a choice on either to buy the supplement or to avoid it..

    18 years old
    bench max 260lbs x2.
    preacher curl close grip max 120lbs x7
    squats 300lbs x4

    First day of Jack3d Lemon..

    Ok, so i bought this product because i heard good reviews and its cheap and supposedly potent well lets see..

    5:20 just took 1 scoop in 4 oz of water taste was fine no clumps very little like a shot of lemon juice.. minute made sorta..
    now being 5:30 when i first finished drinking it my lips started getting veryyy itchy which i hate lol.. that went away now that im typing my hands are getting like pins and needles in the soul of them just like my lips.. just waiting for time to go by 30-45mins im waiting 30 mins and then lifting back.. will get back to you guys on how the workout was..


    ok hours later after my shower ha decent pump overall.. looked in the mirror deff seen a pump size difference but didn't feel the greatest pump.. i did 6 exercises 3 sets each.. the muscle group i worked was back that can also be why that's not the best think to get a pump for but tomorrows another day..

  2. Ya jack3d is so small because theres no artifical sweetners or additives crap like others its a solid product im trying my fruit punch flavor tommorow.

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