Pembroke was nice enough to send 3 beta pouches containing vanilla whey, chocolate whey and orange cycle support.

I definitely thought that the protein was well-flavored and if priced competitively I'd pick some up. I dont recall the exact nutritional information that came with the samples but I remember the protein/carb ratio was very close to the whey I currently use (pembroke maybe you could post that info).

As for the orange cycle support, awesome. I use cycle support now on cycle and I find that the peanut butter flavor and chocolate flavor have a chalky after-taste. This orange flavor was superb IMO and mixed well with the chocolate (only had one so only mixed w/ chocolate). The after taste was really good too. I didn't feel like I had protein shake breath afterward. Good product - definitely will buy this if its offered.

Pembroke, any idea if and when these products will see the market?