Orange Cycle Support + Vanilla Whey (blend) samples

Taste: 8/10
- Huge difference from original cycle support. I could actually drink this without gagging. Tastes kinda like an orange cream protein shake.

mixability: 10/10
- No issues with mixing. Used a shaker cup and everything was smooth. Nothing floating at the top.

Chocolate Whey sample

Taste: 9/10
- Tastes like cocoa whey protein. No complaints from me.

Mixability: 10/10
-Used shaker cup and no clumps. Another solid product AI.

Overall thoughts: Proteins tasted good would buy/recommend ( once i get through the 20+ lbs. i have already).

The cycle Support is what I was really looking forward to trying and i must say it's MUCH better than the original. the old one tasted like a throw-up burp haha. New one is good to go and i will be using it next cycle (jan.16).

Thanks AI for sending out the samples!