Taste: I got the pink lemonade and i tasted great to me, However I let some others try it and they felt it was a too bitter.

    Effects: Generally people use this product for pre-workouts effects, but I chose to use it as a Nootropic. I stacked it along piracetam, choline citrate, and ginkgo biloba.

    As far as nootropic properties: It really helped me focus and gave me stim-free energy. My favorite was stacking half a scoop along with 60mg of Ginkgo biloba, I would highly recommend this stack for nootropic effects.

    issues: Myself along with a few other people I let try it occassionally got nausea from it and an upset stomach. This tended to happen with we either had too much food or no food in our stomachs and also depended on how close to food consumption our dosing was.

    I think product is economically priced, and I would recommend it again as I only needed half a scoop to 1 scoop at most for nootropic purposes.

  2. Thanks for the review man! Give blue raz a try, I like it a LOT more than pink lemonade, its freaking delicious! And yeah, if i take it before my leg days i get kind of a sick feeling too. I usually just take it for studying or to give me a little pick me up in the day
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative
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  3. Nice review! I just got the blue raz flavor and it is delicious!!!! I have had no nauseating problems with it! I take mine on an empty stomach pre-workout! Product definately dose what it is suppose to! I am lovin it!

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