-the texture of the powder itself seemed different than other proteins
(rougher/not as fine) but I thought perhaps that could have been due to
the vacuum sealed sample bags they came in.

-The chocolate was surprisingly sweet without the sweetness overshadowing
the richness a chocolate should have. It was overly powerful, but it had
more taste than many economy whey blends out there (kills scivations,
ATWs, etc in taste). It was certainly not bland like some econo wheys and
the sweetness was appreciated, not overdone like some

-I typically dont care for, or buy vanillas so I opted to mix the orange
cycle support with that one. I was shocked. It tasted like an improvement
over SNACs product ProGlycosyn which is also an orange-vanilla but is far
too sweet.

This tasted like a creamier, less sweet proglycosyn. Im huge on the fruit
w/ vanilla flavor options, and this was a hit.

My main problem with many vanillas is the overly sweet, not rich enough.
That wasnt a problem with this one.

Ive also got to give kudos on the new cycle support flavor.
Ive went through a couple choc and choc pb varieties and quickly moved to
parachuting them or mixing with a few oz of water and taking like a shot.
This new version is a vast improvement and a better cost/serving.

I'm trying to think of some criticisms/what could be done to improve the
products, but nothing is coming to mind just yet. I'll get back to you if
I can think of any, but for an econo whey there isnt a whole lot important
besides taste/price/digestibility (which was fine by the way, no bloat or
gas or any of that).