Animal/Universal was kind enough to let me review their Cookies and Cream Real Gains product to post up my thoughts about. After going through the entire tub here are my thoughts:

Taste: Fantastic, 10/10. What can I say.. you open the container and it smells like heaven, and taste just like it smells. Good job guys.

Mixability: 9/10 I use a magic bullet blender which blends pretty much anything, but the Real Gains was not thick and airy which is good for me, as it did not bloat me at all like other gainers have in the past. Towards the bottom of the container though, even after mixing, there was slight clumping, but overall it was not bad at all.

Macros: 8/10. It has 614 calories per 3.5 scoops; 6g fat, 86g carbs, 54g protein. For me, I would like to see more fats in it, but those are easily added via EVOO or Flax Seed Oil. I actually applaud Animal/Universal for keeping them low compared to other gainers because not everyone wants those amounts of fats.

Overall I think this is a fantastic product and Animal/Universal has made me a customer with Real Gains for a very long time. It is convenient to use on the go without having to mix up your own concoction, the taste is great, and the mixability is awesome. Great job fellas and thank you for the opportunity to review this.

If anyone has any further questions, please feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to answer any questions regarding my review of this product.