I received 3 samples from AI, chocolate and vanilla protein with a sample of orange cycle support.

I mixed mine with water, it said milk but I always go with water. It mixed perfectly fine w/ no foam. To describe the taste I would say it was 8/10. Tasted like a rich chocolate, but a little diluted. Tastefullly enough to let you know its a chocolate but not enough like actual chocolate milk. It was good and Id buy this.

Mixed up fine w/ no foam again. If anyone has tried EAS's vanilla whey, Id say this is identical. Im not a big vanilla guy but it wasnt bad. The flavoring is pretty minute. I imagine if someone tried 2 scoops w/ milk, itd be more intense.

Well I added like 4oz of water and mixed it up. Mixed pretty good, bit at the bottom so a 9/10, I prolly should of used more water. It reminded me of an orange tic tac, but not nearly as sweet. This would be a fine subsitution for a capped version of it. No need to worry about flavoring