1. Universale COOKIES & CREAM ULTRA WHEY PROTEIN (Sponsored)

    First off, I would like to thank Universal (Hoomgar )for a chance to try out this new flavor of their Ultra Whey Protein. As I stated before to win a chance to try this new flavor, I have cut out a lot of sweets and was really looking forward to trying this new flavor.
    I'm a huge fan of Animal Pak after discovering the beautiful benefits of it not too long ago and I was more than impressed with their products and their service as a company.

    I recieved my Ultra Whey Cookies and Cream Ultra Whey about a week ago and today was my first day trying it out (had to finsih my last serving of the "other stuff").

    Heres how it went down:


    I opend the lid and this miraculos smell of oreo cookies and milk wafed(sp?) into the air. The smell of cookies just added to my excitement of drinking this shake.


    So, I rushed and took my usual 2 servings of protein and started to mix it up. No clumpping! Not anything was unmixed except what seemed to be little bits of cookies (which are very delightful!) The protein I just finished was Precision Pros Vanilla and it was very thick (like cottage cheese, not a fan of thick shakes). Universal's protein mixes smooth without having to use force to shake up the protein and is not thick like cottage cheese.


    Very smooth and went down like drinking water. No foaming like a lot of proteins I've tried do. Does not make you bloated so this is great for a preWO drink.

    TASTE(Milk): 10

    Now I do not drink my shakes with water. I did when I first started off and can not stomach it. I think it ruins any sort of flavor the protein is and I belive mixing it with milk is much more of a benfit to everyone. Anyways...I made my first shake and after my first shake I was so excited and pleased by what I tasted I ran over to my fridge grabed more milk and made another 2 servings just to treat my taste buds. This was amazing! A protein that taste great and is healthy! This is my new "turn to" when I get those cravings for chocaltes, candies, etc.

    Universal has yet to let me down. I can honestly say as a new customer Universal's C&C Ultra Whey Protein is by far the best protein I have tried in a long time. You guys are going to give Muscle Milk guys a complety new make over with this stuff! Great job and thanks again for letting me try the [B]NEW FLAVOR [/B]Cookies and Crem Ultra Whey Protein!

  2. Very well written bro. And thanks for the honest review. I'm glad you are enjoying it.


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