Universal ULTRA Whey Pro REVIEW!!!

Let me just say thank you universal for another opportunity to test one of your new flavors, in past expereience with products and with this one i have found that you have really nailed the taste to your protein and should be getting more attention then you do in your protein products. Uinversal is always treating there customers great, my product was shipped in a day they included a free sample of Animal Pump and a nice bumper sticker as well. Im going to give a detailed review on the new flavor and how it compares to others such as All The Whey, and a few other brands.

Once again thank you universal for the opportunity to test out this new flavor and on to the review.....

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Im going to be rating the protein on a few different categories Smell, Taste, Mixability, Packing, Ingredient Profile and maybe a few tid bits here and there.

Smell-(10/10) The smell is straight up scrumptious, one thing i could tell from just smelling it was that it wasnt going to be bland or a knock off of a flavor but extremely close to the actual thing as it could be it had a sweet smell different than that of All The Whey which of course is known for its flavor Just an initial impression before i dosed it was the smell was really like cookies and cream ice cream i mean just some the smell i can tell they nailed another flavor.

Taste-(8.5/10)This was only the first time i dosed it and the taste is solid i mixed it with 8-9 ounces of milk and i think it only needs about 6 ounces, so i'll give a update tommorow when i try it at 6 ounces but its a pretty good flavor, once again i think i put two much liquid in so it kind of dilluted the taste a little bit but the flavor is not overpowering it tastes the best way i can describe like Cookies and cream ice cream that melted its not as rich as it but you can still taste it, Overall pretty solid taste compared to most proteins its deffinately up there in taste but i have to check what its like with 6 ounces

Mixability-(9/10) One thing i loved about torrent was the fact that there was literally no particles floating around, this is pretty similar theres a couple pieces of the cookies floating at the bottom which is to be expected since there relatively large. But other then that theres no grainy texture to the last few sips its nice and smooth all the way through which i really like in protein or any supp. However not perfect mixability its just about there.

Packaging-(10/10) Another thing they nailed there old packaging was ehh at best wasnt too catchy or anything but got the job done, there newer ones which are black and yellow are very well designed and quality the top is big enough so i can get to the bottom to scoop out those last bits of protein unlike ATW which i find crammed. Everything is easy to find on this packaging and even gives a little background on universal as a company which is nice. Overall sleek (dunno if thats how you spell it) Packaging

Ingredient Profile-(9/10) Its a pretty solid ingredient profile i mean how can you really have a bad one when its just protein in comparison to the ATW i have on hand its all very similiar 111 calories in ATW compared to 120 here 22g of protein in both and basicallly the same in the other catigories as well. One thing is it has quite a bit more sodium 52mg compared to 33mg but im not worried about that one bit : P.

Overall-(9/10)Its deffinately a solid protein Universal/Animal really does make solid products, in my mind right now its the 2nd best protein as far as flavor goes cause i personally think ATW takes the edge slightly. It will deffinately be in my top 2 as far as protein choices go. Torrent is still my favorite post workout drink and would probally choose that over this however this is deffinately a very solid product and should get more recognition then i see it has in the past.

Once again thank you Universal for letting me test this new flavor im very happy with it and will make updates as i dose it more, since we all know you really cant tell how good a supplement is from just one dose.