Prime, Anabolic pump, creatine, EC stack

  1. Prime, Anabolic pump, creatine, EC stack

    I decided i will log this since there have been some mixed reviews on prime.

    Week 1-5
    Prime 69 protocol sun/mon/tues/wed/thurs/Sat with Friday being my off day from prime

    Anabolic pump Workout Days Breakfast/Pre workout/Post workout
    Off Days Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

    Creatine 20 grams everyday for the first week then 10 grams a day till it runs out

    Week 1-2

    Ephedrine 25 mg morning
    Caffiene 200 mg morning

    This will be a cutting log and I will post my diet this weekend before I start


    Age: 22
    Weight: 184
    Height: 5'7"
    Est Body Fat: 12% or a little under


    Get down to 174 with around 9 percent body fat.

    Any questions just ask.

  2. Subbed... looks like an interesting run
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  3. yea i hope prime lives up to its ad well atleast somewhat. I dont think im going to gain 80 pounds in my squat and 60 on me bench in 30 days haha. Seems like a muscle tech ad.

  4. ok heres my diet

    Soon as I wake up

    Whey protein

    3 eggs
    glass of milk
    1 piece wheat toast


    Can of Tuna

    Pre workout
    Protein shake with oats and milk

    Post workout
    Protein shake with oats and milk

    4 eggs

    4 table spoons nat peanut butter

    Before bed
    Cottage cheese

    None workout out days are the same except lunch and dinner add 1 piece of wheat toast and take out oats with protein shakes.

    Workout days

    Cal 2645
    Fat 108.5
    Carbs 243
    Prot 234

    Off Days

    Cal 2545
    Fat 108.5
    Carbs 209
    Prot 232

  5. Prime is great. You really don't even need to take a day off with it, I'd recommend taking it every day.

  6. well if i take it everyday it wont last 5 weeks. i only have 2 bottles so with one day off every week it will be 5 weeks exactly.

  7. ok i ended up starting today.

    I did have small workout today because im doing the smolov jr. for squat and i had 8 sets of 4. I have to say i felt great throughout the whole workout. I didnt get tired and easily did all my sets. I dont know if i can say this is from prime or anabolic pump yet since it is only the first day. It could be it was just one of those days that everything feels perfect at the gym.

  8. Day 2

    Did chest workout today. Nothing really to report. I feel like my muscles are more full however through the day. I was thinking this might be from anabolic pump.

  9. Day 3

    Today was an off day. I am really hungry all the time. Its not like diet hunger either because its only been three days. I feel like i could just eat all day and never get full. I was so hungry tonight that i just downed the whole thing of cottage cheese i just bought.

  10. Day 4

    Workout day

    Did a squat workout today and felt good except for the ephedrine is making me sick as hell. I think mixing these products with ephedrine is a bad idea bc i have ran ephedrine at a much higher dose than 25mg with 200 mg caffiene and felt fine but im just straight feeling like **** right now. Im going to drop the ephedrine and save it for later. Im just going to run 200 mg caffiene in the morning and before workout.

  11. Day 5

    Chest day

    Not much to report except i am always hungry. I read that prime has something in it that increases appetite and I have to say it does just that to the extreme but there have been no other effects that i have noticed yet.

  12. Week 1 review

    I didnt really have any effects in my first week except for increased hunger however anabolic pump def does work after taking in carbs. Im in week 2 now so i will post my results of week 2 this weekend
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    Quote Originally Posted by JT54 View Post
    Week 1 review

    I didnt really have any effects in my first week except for increased hunger however anabolic pump def does work after taking in carbs. Im in week 2 now so i will post my results of week 2 this weekend
    week 2 will get interesting and it is the PRIME that increases hunger. Go a head and eat just eat clean and none will go to fat...

  14. sorry for the lack of updates. Im getting ready to finish week 5 which is my final week. I really enjoyed anabolic pump but prime did not really live up to what i thought it would. I took a before pic and will take one after im done with this week to show the results. I also added in jacked with this stack. ive ran jacked before and liked it but i wish they would make a stronger version. it takes 4 scoops for me to feel it really working.


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