Lonewolf0420-Vigilance Beta Log

  1. Lonewolf0420-Vigilance Beta Log

    I was one of the chosen fewgiven the opportunity to test out one of Avant Research's new stim product, Vigilance.

    Ingredient Profile: Geranamine, Alpha-Y, Synephrine, Tyramine.

    I started off yesterday morning with two caps, taken upon waking.

    I'd say about a half hour later I could feel it kicking in. I'm not a morning person, so it takes me a while to get going. I picked up my morning coffee on the way into work, and I think that boosted things. I felt a nice steady stream of energy. No jitters, no mind racing, just awake, and ready to go. Couldn't say I noticed much of a mood boost. Although I'm not a big fan of my job right now.

    I'd say by about 2:00pm Vigilance was starting to wear off. By about 3pm I was drinking a monster.

    Appetite suppression wasn't bad. I was feeling a little hungry every few hours, but not like starving(which usually happens).

    So this morning I again took two caps upon waking.
    I had my morning coffee at work. today I didn't feel that same steady surge of energy I felt yesterday. I took another cap about five and half hours later. Still not much of a boost in energy.

    Tomorrow I plan on taking three caps upon waking.

    MOD EDIT: Since Avant is no longer here, sponsored logs can't be run here.

  2. I dosed three caps upon waking this morning. Energy level seems to be nice and steady.

    Mood....no change.

    Appetite....not much their.

  3. Yesterday energy levels seem to have come down, around 2pm.

    This morning, I again dosed three caps upon waking. The energy level was their, but I also still felt really tired at the same time.

    I'm beginning the think this is better suited for a preworkout supp.
  4. jim623
    jim623's Avatar

    You're taking them upon waking, what time might that be? Just to get an idea of how long it last.

  5. I'm sorry, I should have posted that.

    I take my dose at about 7:30am.



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