Leviathon Reloaded + Anabolic Edge log

  1. Leviathon Reloaded + Anabolic Edge log

    I'll be logging this stack for a month and will be starting as soon as the goods arrive.

    Leviathan Reloaded (90 caps) By: Palo Alto Labs

    Anabolic Edge (120 tablets) By: Palo Alto Labs

    I have two goals with the stack.I've been feeling more than a bit shot out lately due to several factors,demands at work and a rough 1-T Tren cycle,which drained the life out of me on the last week of the cycle,I felt excssively worn out during PCT and am just now starting to feel normal.

    Pervious blood work put my T levels on the low end of normal and as I'm in my early 's,TRT seemed like the moe to make.So I've been on clomid at 5mg nightly for the past year,which was discontinued last month as I thought it would be better if I ent all natural during PCT.

    Considering that both of these supps act as test boosters,I expect to see similiar results to clomid WRT test bumpage.

    So my primary goals are to increase physical strength and general well being.I own a small construction company and working manual labor coupled with regular training can add up so any substantial relief I get through this stack will be very welcome.

    Secondary goal is to cut a chunk of the fat I gained during he 1-T Tren PCT,wherein I ate like **** to offset general meh-ness......this wasn't a good idea in retrospect,heh.

    I'd be content with cutting 8 pounds over the next month,which i see myself doing with clories at 10 per pound b/w with a weekly chat/refeed at 5oo above maintainence.I'm curently 220 and around 20% b/f,I haven't been neary this level of fatty in years.

    My training is based around compound lifts with an emphasis on increasing explosive/functional strength and speed through Olymic lifting.I lift 3-4 days a week,Oly lifts (BB and DB snatches,over head squats) are included every session.I do a smallr amount of chest,back and arms each w/o.I dont do any raditional squatting at all as my knees are too rough anymore but I love snatches and OH squats so I can't drop them or deadlifting.I used to regularly get into ATG squats of 20 with 225 and so on,but meh,those days are gone.

    Basically I do a ful body w/o as often as possible,with no "direct" leg work....snacthes and OH squats are enough for me.Last night I did an abbreviated full body w/o,too tired to get into any heavier chest or back stuff and Oly lifts weren't near ME weights either.

    RC rehab + stretching

    HS low row


    hang snatch
    2x2x95,3x95 + 3 OH squats
    2x3x105,2x105 + 5 OH squats

    clean + press

    push jerk

    DB snatch (each arm)
    2x3x65,3x2x75,6x75,6x65,2x2x80 ,2x1x85

    db curls with static hold on non curling "resting" arm while at the peak while other arm actively curls 2x5x35's,2x5x0's....most effing effective bicep exercise ever.

    Well,I usually do a lot more each w/o so we'll se how these two supps help me out in that respect....

  2. you have my attention on this one...

    i ran LR/AE/Incarnate a while back... it was flippin' AWESOME.

  3. i hope it goes well for you man i will follow along im looking forward to getting my anabolic edge v2 i really enjoyed the old version.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  4. subbed... I'll be running a similar stack, it will good to compare notes

  5. Sub'd, I love LR, would like to see more on AE though so I'll be watching!

  6. Sub and good luck

  7. good luck w/new LR!

  8. Hey Colin, looking forward to this. Your bottles should have arrived today.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BravoLima View Post
    Hey Colin, looking forward to this. Your bottles should have arrived today.
    Address mix up. You will have the bottles by Friday this week.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by capnsavem View Post
    you have my attention on this one...

    i ran LR/AE/Incarnate a while back... it was flippin' AWESOME.
    tell us a little bit about the effects you got from that stack and what was most noticeable, thx

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Delta Force View Post
    tell us a little bit about the effects you got from that stack and what was most noticeable, thx
    cool- i used it non-pct, just looking for more muscular endurance during workouts, but also looking to lean with the LR and at the same time either maintain strength and muscle, or even gain *gasp!* more strength and/or muscle while getting leaner.

    the strength gains and muscle endurance increase was definitely noticeable. with three products i expreienced hellish workouts, pushing myself beyond what i perceived were my "limits" at the time. during my cardio sessions i used LR/INCARNATE prior to HIIT, and i felt stronger and able to complete longer sessions with more intervals than ever before.

    the great thing about this stack is, besides the BA tingles from Incarnate, the energy and strength obtained was clean and lasting, without any harsh sides (no bad jitters or crashes)...

  12. Quote Originally Posted by BravoLima View Post
    Address mix up. You will have the bottles by Friday this week.
    The stack was in my mailbox today when I got home from work,nice.

    I'll start using bof of dem joints at 2-3 dosages of LR per day with 3 dosages of AE per day,as of tomorrow.Feedback to come shortly...

  13. good to hear you package arrive, now you're good to go

  14. Well,it looks like I'll only be using 2-3 casp of LR per day,anythn higher thtan that and the yohimbine induced anxiety tweaks me out too much to do much of anything.Nothing to report on AE yet.
    I've taken a mini-lay off from the gym( a week) in order to reset mah **** and so on,my next w/o will be full body on Monday or Tuesday so I'll update then.

  15. Holding steady at 3 caps of LR per day with 6 caps of AE.Yohimbine induced anxiety is manageable at this lower dose of LR but still not pleasnant.

    Did a full body w/o tonight,it went very well considering I've had around 750 calories today so far and housed a pint of Guinness shortly before lifting,heh.

    15 minute warm up consisting of light HS rows,squats,DB shrugs,BB presses and RC stuff then:

    hang snatch 3x1x95,1x105,x105,1x15,2x115,1 x135,2x135

    power snatch 3x1x135,2x1x145,1x165,1x185,1x 205 and 1x225...almost dumped it forward on 225 and failed on second attempt with 225...FTR,225 is my previous PR.

    clean + press to OH squat 2+3x135x3

    b/w pullups 1x20

    deadlift (no straps) 5x135,3x185,2x225,2x1x315,1x33 5,1x365,3x1x405,1x425

    HS lat pulldown 3x9x230

    1 b/w pullup with 60 sec static

    floor press 9x75's,2x6x85's

    ballistic push ups 1x20,x10

    DB pullover 3x9x90

    No mas,I collapsed into a seaty mess shortly thereafter.

    Not feeling any acute effects from either of the 2 supps yet but I was sweating more profusely than usual tonight while lifting.

  16. I ot to the gym a bit too late last night so just threw together a condensed full body w/o with a bunch of snatch singles to work form and avoid heavier eight as my RC's are feeling the 225 from last session.

    Still not seeing any effect from AE yet ( not that I'd expect to after not even a week in) but the lower dose of LR is helping with late w/o's for starters...

    warm up + RC rehab

    HS low row

    HS row
    10x180 (10 sec rest) + 10x180

    turkish get ups

    hang and power snatches---around 20 singles with 95,105,115,125,135

    HS lat pulldown 6x180,7x270,6x230,10x180 (10 sec rest) 10x180

    floor press 6x75's,6x85's,2x5x90's

    DB pullover 3x5x100,20x55

    ez curl/preacher 3x5x115

  17. I haven't made an updates due to the holiday rush and all so my apologies.Also,there hasn't been much to note but at the 2 week mark I'm starting to see improved cardio/lung capacity while Oly lifting (via cordyceps,I'd imagine) and I've kind of acclimated to the yohimbine in the LR.Upped my dosages to 2 caps LR twice per day last week and still at 2 tabs AE thrice per day....been using 100-200mg theanine with each LR dosage,which helps with the Yohimbine anxiety.

    Drank too much over the holidays but kept food intake rational so I dropped 1.5 pounds this past week.So I've cut 4 pounds so far with no loss in strength.

  18. Down another 1.5 pounds since my last update on the 28th and strength is holding steady.

    I've been training regularly but haven't been hitting much in the way of PR's,had a minor PR in KB turkish get ups two 3 nights ago with 1x10x60.

    Not all that great but I only started doing them last month.Tonight is RC rehab + Oly/shoulders with some light back and heavier bi's thrown in.

  19. Dropped another 2 pounds this week.Training has been steady WRT intensity,strength and frequency in spite of the fact that I have been averaging a 1000 kcal deficit (ED) for almost 2 weeks now with "refeeds" at 300 kcals below maintainence once per week.

    I did eff my lower back up while deadlifting last week,which is now JUST starting to heal up.So I've been keeping to machines and more BB oriented stuff,while dropping O-lifts til my back feels close to 100%....I am kinda digging on benching again,just floor pressing b/c of RC injuries but still,I felt pretty good about last night's w/o considering I don't focus on benching much due to RC pain and have a relatively weak bench e.g. 5x225 is my previous PR on floor pressing.

    Highlight last night was floor pressing:

    Nice,considering I'm a weak bencher and I was A BIT DRUNK as I had 2 beers before the gym;one with dinner and one in the parking lot while sitting in my truck chain smoking,LOLZ....in my defense,this ketogenic diet with an intake of 1500-2000 kcals ED is murder.

    Too bad this log is totally devoid of any commentary but my own,maybe I need to make things MOAR interesting by posting up images of scantily clad strippers...

  20. Lol I am following along with your updates. I need to start giving more updates myself.


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