Got my CL samples in and here is my review.
The samples were: Green Mag sour green apple flavor, Purple In-train purple raspberry flavor, Golden Gains homemade apple pie flavoe, White Flood white raspberry flavor. I also received a Purple Wraath sample but I mixed it up at work and left and left it unattended for a couple minutes and the cleaning lady pitched it

Anyway here is my opinions.
Green Mag sour apple
Taste:9/10 Taste was excellent, definitely among the better tasting supplements I have had!!
Mix ability:9/10 The product mixed very well with a spoon!
Effects: N/A Not really fair to give a score here since I took it post workout, and it was only one serving. Also I was already on creatine, and other supps at the time so it would have been hard to judge its effectiveness.
Overall impressions: GREAT tasting product with solid ingredients, don't know if I would buy it since regular bulk mono works fine for me. But if someone was looking for a good, flavored creatine product, I'd certainly recommend this to them.

Purple In-Train purple raspberry
Taste: 6/10 I didn't particularly care for the taste on this one, was hoping to really like it but I just didn't like it. it is NOT awful! but it is not great either.
Mix ability: 8/10 I mixed in a bottle and shook it (didn't read the label). It definitely got foamy but everything dissolved and it didn't take that long for the foam to go away and from then on I just swirled the bottle around before each drink, no more foam and no leftovers in the bottle.
Effects: N/A Again I don't think its fair to post a score. I can say that I didn't notice anything positive or negative that I could for sure attribute to In-Train, but again I was on other supplements so it makes it difficult to single any one thing out.
Overall Impressions: I like the ingredients, but not the taste. If the taste were improved, I would recommend it.

Golden Gains homemade apple pie
Taste: 8/10 Very good taste. Although I mixed it w/ way too much water, so it got a little watered down but still tasted great. I'd imagine with less water it would be a 9/10
Mix ability: 9/10 I mixed it in a shaker bottle, everything dissolved well, no leftovers.
Effects: N/A
Overall Impressions: Tastes great, mixes great, a very nice supplement. It is a little pricey though. Would recommend!

White Flood white raspberry flavor
taste: 6/10 The taste seemed to be similar to Purple In-Train. Again not awful but not great. I like electric lemonade much better than the white raspberry.
Mix ability: 8.5/10 I mixed it in a bottle and shook often so there aren't any leftovers.
Effects: 9/10 I have used White Flood for quite some time, and for me it has been the best pre-workout supplement I've ever used. Always gave me great focus, loved the tingles from the beta-alanine, and more than enough energy to get through my workouts.
Overall Impressions: LOVE the product, as I said before, white raspberry isn't doing it for me but electric lemonade is good. Product delivers the goods in the energy/mood/focus area and is priced very well. I would and have recommended this to other people!