BW's Log of LG's PB Cookie Dough Protein

  1. BW's Log of LG's PB Cookie Dough Protein

    LG's PB Cookie Dough Protein

    I gave PB Cookie Dough a try for the first time with milk this afternoon. Yummy! It reminded me of a sweeter and thinner version of LGs Lipotropic PB Protein.


    This protein mixed fairly well. I mixed it together with a spoon. Most of the powder dissolved into the milk easily. Some of it did clump together at the bottom of my cup, but it wasn't so bad. It was MUCH easier and soluble than LG's Lipotropic PB powder, but not quite as soluble as Muscle Pharm's Combat. All in all, mixability was average.

    Texture & Consistency:

    I love the texture! It was very smooth, but there also seemed to be little grains of sugar-like substance in the shake that went so well with the "cookie dough" part of this protein. The sugar-like substance was probably just protein that hadn't dissolved all the way. The little chunks of protein that didn't want to mix in actually lent a dough-like texture to my whole experience.

    Consistency was normal in my opinion. Much easier to handle than Lipotropic protein and I didn't notice it clinging to objects more than other proteins.


    The PB is very strong and powerful. Like I said above, it is sweeter than LG's Lipotropic PB and also the flavor of the pea protein is less apparent. It reminded me a lot of a PB cookie. The sweetness is really what makes the taste go from being regular PB flavor to PB Cookie. It was quite pleasant. I'm interested in how it will taste in plain water. I will definitely post up my observations.

  2. Awesome start and detail! Sounds delicious!

  3. Good deal!, how did Resolve like it? he bought 10 tubs of the older stuff. so I'm curious to see if he likes the new over the older one.., but then again whats his, is would you prefer this over the old? in all honesty...

  4. I definitely like this over the old stuff. Buying the 10 tubs I got burnt out on the regular PB. Resolve hasn't tried PB Cookie Dough. I will give him a taste with my next scoop and he can say what he thinks about it.

  5. Looking forward to see your opinion on how it tastes in water!
    I love cookie dough and PB, both in same mix has got to be great.

  6. I gave PB Cookie Dough another try today, this time mixed in water. It was actually quite disappointing. Having it in milk makes a HUGE difference, in my opinion.


    It definitely mixed much better in water than it did in milk. There were no clumps at all, no powder at the bottom of the cup or the top. It blended nicely.

    Texture and Consistency:

    The texture was also different in water. While the powder dissolved better in water, there wasn't as smooth a texture as when I had it in milk. There was almost a chalky texture to it. It seemed like the pea powder was the culprit of this "chalky texture". The many minuscule particles didn't seem to go well with water. The creaminess and thickness of milk must have hidden this texture well.

    Consistency was the same, no problem with the powder sticking to anything more than normal.


    More than any other aspect, I was disappointed in the the taste of the PB Cookie Dough in water. Had the flavor been good, the texture would likely have gone overlooked. The PB flavor was definitely there, but I didn't notice the Cookie Dough at all. The pea protein flavor was VERY apparent. Just as apparent, I'd say, as it was in LG's original Vanilla Lipotropic Protein. I was not a fan of the Vanilla Lipotropic and I don't particularly like the flavor of LG's Genus Protein. In water, PB Cookie Dough also tasted overly sweetened. All in all, I didn't like the flavor of this in water at all.

    It seems like PB Cookie Dough in milk makes all the difference to me. Somehow milk blends the flavors together and lends a great hand in providing the creamy "cookie dough" taste while mellowing the texture and Genus protein flavor just enough. I personally think that the flavor of this could be worked on more to reduce the pea protein flavor and somehow increase the cookie dough taste and creaminess so that it is more desirable in water.

    As it stands, I don't think that I would like to log a whole container of this, as I wouldn't enjoy it in water at all, and I won't be able to have it in milk every day. On the other hand, if the flavor is improved, I would definitely love to give it a go!


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