Gonzo's got a new PAL, Leviathan Reloaded (Sponsered)

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  1. Gonzo has a new PAL, Leviathan Reloaded (Sponsered)


    First off, like always I would like to thank P.A.L for this opportunity to log their fat burner Leviathan Reloaded. I'm looking forward to this run and hope to have some good success with this.
    Just for some references here are my past logs, if your interested in checking them out.
    Gonzo's Quest to be 'The One'
    Gonzo is getting pumped up with ANADRAULIC PUMP(Sponsered)
    Now on to the Good Stuff

    Leviathan Reloaded:

    Here is a little bit of info on LR, straight from a PAL post.

    Leviathan Reloaded: Introducing Leviathan Reloaded, the first product to ever successfully combine ultra-intense fat burning potential with explosive lean muscle building while dramatically increasing focus and mood. Typical run of the mill fat burning products are designed to only burn fat at the sacrifice of also burning off hard gained muscle mass.With Leviathan Reloaded, a cutting phase is no longer necessary to make sure you are lean and ripped enough for competition or the beach. Leviathan Reloaded represents the next generation in fat burning technology combining ultra intense fat burning potential, while regulating insulin and blood sugar levels. Reloaded will shred you up fast while enabling you to continue to pack on the slabs of ultra dense lean muscle. Never again will you have to sacrifice those hard fought for muscle gains in order to severly cut fat.
    For more Info you can check this link LR at NUTRA That link also contains a facts label.


    Weight:191.0(as of 8:30am 12/1/09)
    BF%:in the ball park of 14-15%


    Ultimately my goal is Fat loss. NOT A CUT I'm shooting for a recomp pretty much, keep and/or gain LBM while dropping BF%. Overall I want to drop as much BF as possible on this run, but my goal would be to get around 10%. While I know this is a very high bar to set I'm hoping I can get close to this with the help LR.


    My training will be hard and heavy. I do not respond well to lighter weight, high rep training to lose weight. Plus this would make it harder to maintain or build LBM. So gym time will be spent hard and heavy, lots of compound moves and then finish it all off with some isolates. The intensity will be very high, Ill be using supersets, rest pause, anything you beat my body into a pile of mush and make walking out of the gym a terrible experience.
    My spilt looks something like this, note this is open for change depending on schedules
    Weds- back/bis
    sat-whole body
    With the weather getting colder and colder around me Its hard to get outside and run, so Ill hit cardio machines (misc) a few times a week switching between Steady State(SS) and HIIT. Ill be doing agility work as well. My goal is to get 4-6 cardio sessions in a week.


    Two things I need to mention. THIS IS NOT A CUT, also I am a college student that lives on campus, so sometimes food choices are limited. I've done a pretty solid job so far, so when it comes to food choices note that 9/10 times its the better of the choices.
    But my numbers look something like this. my Maintance is ~2400-2500. I'm going to add 500 cals to that to account workouts so that brings me around ~3000cals. My goal right now is too keep my cal intake around 2500-2700cals a day. This will slowly drop week to week. Slowly because I dont want my body to resort to starvation mode and my metabolism to go down the ****ter. I want to keep my carbs pretty low, with some moderate days. But really I don't want my carbs any higher than about 200(about Body Weight) Mainly low days will keep carbs close to 100, moderate days 150-175. Fat is going to be in moderation also, Most fat till be coming from EVOO, nuts, and PB. Protein should be close to 225g or so. Weekends tend to be a little less strict as far as diet goes, this doesn't mean Ill be eating myself into a coma, but to keep myself from going insane.


    • mood
    • energy
    • overall well being
    • sides

    Ill mention how my workouts go, how I sleep, how i feel throughout the day, and will answer any other questions anyone might have.


    for the most part besides the staples like protien, CLA, Creatine, and BCAA this will be a solo run. besides a cup of coffee i currently do not take a pre w/o


    Both are taken Dec 2 09 first day of LR

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    So I've finished my LR in I believe about 4 weeks, at 2 caps twice a day.
    and I'm going to run down my overall final review here. Ratings are 1-10, 1 being the worst feeling and 10 being the best. so here we go.

    ENERGY: 8
    Energy from LR was very good. I felt energized throughout the day and didn't experience much if any midday fatigue that I normally feel. The energy was clean and comfortable, at no points did I experience jitters or any abnormal heart rates. My body did adapt to this over time though, experiencing more fatigue towards the last week of LR. The energy was enough to power me through fasted workouts and cardio sessions which I enjoyed. I suggest timing your LR 20-30mins pre workout so you get most of the energy boost right when its needed during a fasted workout.

    MOOD: 6
    I don't believe there was much direct effect on my mood from LR. But because I wasn't feeling tired throughout the day, specially low on carbs I can get a bit grouchy, i was in a better mood than i normally would be.

    BODY TEMP: 5.5
    There wasn't really any noteable body temp increase. I DIDN'T experience too much of a resting body temp increase. I did notice however during cardio or working out that i did sweat more than normal.

    FAT LOSS: 5
    Well 4 weeks down and about 4ibs lighter. So a pound a week isn't what I was looking for really. I do understand this wasn't a cut. I was aiming for a re comp type of goal, but fat loss was a concern and I lost about 4ibs during the spand. I do think some of that weight was water considering through my chest and forearms I dried up a bit, and look a bit harder.

    Hardening: 5.5
    Through my arms and chest and thighs I feel drier and harder, which I believe is because I lost some solid water weight from LR. Nothing too crazy though.

    Vascularity: 6
    Because my arms dried up a bit, I did notice some increased Vascularity in my forearms and biceps. Nothing much more than that though

    Anti-Catabolism: 9
    One of the things I did like about this is I didn't lose my strength. All my numbers slightly increased over the span of time, which I liked to see with a amount I was eating.

    OVER-ALL: 6.5
    The best way I can explain this is like so. LR I would recommend for something you'd want to take mid towards late summer when your trying to stay dry and looking good towards the end of the summer. I don't think this would be too good for a spring "get ready for beach season" cut. I was content with the results, just not as much of a response as I hoped.

    I do know that PAL reformulated their LR formula to what seems not as potent. Well that's their business and I'm sure their is logical reasoning behind it but I would of liked to see a bit more of a response to LR

    I DO know that NUTRA is having a sale BOGO free right now that can be found at
    Leviathan Reloaded BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE) By: Palo Alto Labs

    I would take advantage of this deal, but I'm not sure if I'd buy one and full price, but who doesn't love one free.

    and I'll get a after pic up as soon as I can get around to it.
    So thanks for everyone that stuck around and followed me along with this, and for you some good looks.

    Huong Acinas.
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    Felicia Romero.
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    jodi minear
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  3. Checked my POBox and do have a package, but the school's PO was closed so Ill have to pick whatever it is up tomorrow, on account i'm not expecting anything besides LR, I do hope thats what it is. Ill go first thing to get it, so I can start tomorrow DEC 2. Expect some measurements and a starting Pic to be Posted early tomorrow

  4. hey man good luck il be following along i hope i get my anabolic edge soon aswell should be fun.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  5. good luck with your log

    I have tried both of the older versions Leviathan and the Leviathan Reloaded and had great luck with both
    Team Orbit

  6. Hey did u get any word on what dosing u should use?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    Hey did u get any word on what dosing u should use?
    I'm dosing what the bottle says to
    which is
    1cap 30 m ins before breakfast and 1cap more in the afternoon for the first 2-3 days to test tolerance, then 2caps 30min before breakfast and 2caps in the afternoon. Do not exceed 4 caps a day and do not take within 5 hours of sleep.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by learn View Post
    good luck with your log

    I have tried both of the older versions Leviathan and the Leviathan Reloaded and had great luck with both
    thanks man I sure hope I share in your good experiences with LR

  9. DAY 1:

    Weight: 194(8:15am)
    Cals: 2109
    • 47.5 g fat
    • 178 g carbs
    • 241 g protien

    Deads 135x12 225x8 275x8 315x6 315x6
    Rackpulls 315x8 365x6 365x6 365x6
    *Pullups bwx8 bwx8 bwx8 bwx8 bwx8
    *reversed Bench bwx8 bwx8 bwx8 bwx8 bwx8
    Lat Pulldown 200x12 200x12 200x12
    Smith Behind back shrugs 135x12 135x12 135x12 135x12 135x12

    1 mile run at 7:30min pace(moderate pace)

    So today was day 1. Unfortunately I woke up around 730am and had breafast, but didn't pick my my LR till 845am. I decided to start anyway. So I took 1 cap at 845am, and another at ~3pm. This was to test my tolerance. I responded well I believe. Had increased energy throughout the day. Didnt' get groggy or feel any mid day fatigue that sometimes set in later afternoon.

    MOOD:Slightly elevated, felt good throughout the day. Positive for the most part throughout the day and my workout.

    ENERGY also elevated. Like i mentioned before no mid-day sluggishness. Always was ready to get up and go. No uncomfortable jitters or elevated heart rate, also no noticeable increase in Body temp.

    OVERALL WELL BEING: Good. Felt good, was in a good mood, got my work done at the gym today. Not a lot of stress, just overall a good day.

    SIDES: None to report at this time

    Day one is up and over with. I'm confident I can handle the full 4cap/day dose, so thats what Ill be playing with tomorrow.
    Also I've noticed some good response when loggers add some eye candy so for the first time every I'll be adding my own.
    My personal fav from the BSN team, Becky
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  10. hold for update, it will be coming shortly, crazy last night/day today
  11. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo14 View Post
    hold for update, it will be coming shortly, crazy last night/day today
    Sorry I'm late to the party. Looking good so far.

  12. count me in, becky is hot!

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  13. Day 2:

    Weight: 195
    Cals: 2503
    • 103 g fat
    • 123g carbs
    • 252g protien

    Mediball front slams 15x25
    Jump rope 150 reps(jumps)
    Flat-side-side planks 30 secs each plank
    Jump rope 150 reps
    Kneeling ab wheel 12
    jump rope 150 reps
    (each core move was supersetted with jump rope, each super set was done for 3 sets)

    Standing Military press 115x6 115x6 115x6 115x6 115x6
    *sitting shoulder press 60x10 60x10 60x10 60x10 60x10
    *sitting DB should press(alt arms, slow reps) 15x8 15x8 15x8 15x8 15x8
    Upright row 85x8 85x8 85x8
    Front DB raise 25x10 25x10 25x10
    DB lateral Raise 20x10 20x10 20x10
    Reverse cable cross 20x15 20x15 20x15

    Cardio:10 mins of lvl10 r stat. bike.


    Day 2 was this past thursday, Sorry for the Delay, I've been swamped with work with finals around the corner. SO if there is a delay or 2 between updates i'm sorry. I'll be my bes tto stay on top of this. I dont plan that finals will interrupt my training though. So dosing today was ~30mins before breakfast at 8:30am. My weight went up slightly, i believe that i was a bit more hydrated this morning, due to a late night writing a paper, sipping on water to help me stay awake. My dosing is at 2 caps 2x per day. So first dose is generally around 8-9am then the second in the ball park of 3pm.

    Mood: Again, i've been pretty positive through a few stressful days, Nothing to major, but not seemingly overall upbeat.
    Energy: I'm starting to feel more energy throughout the day, no mid day sluggishness. Feel good, and energetic. All energy is clean, no jitters, no elevated heart rate, no notable increase in body temp.
    Overall well being: I feel great, not tried, not jittery. Getting good workouts in. There isn't anything to complain about. While i havent yet felt any leaning out, its only day 2, I'm still very confident this will fully kick in soon.
    Sides: Nothing to report at this time.

    and for the ones who like a girl who can push around her share of weight, Sonia Gonzales
    Name:  Flex_soniaGonzales.JPG
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  14. Day 3:

    Weight: 194.5
    Cals: 2045
    • 86 g fat
    • 78g carbs
    • 237g protien

    today was a light day, a lot of work to get done
    pullups bwx8
    pushups bwx10
    ab wheel bwx10
    (These 3 moves were one circuit completed 3 times)
    DB Snatch 65x10 65x10 65x10 65x10 65x10
    (10 reps per arm, so 20 total)
    Barbell high pull 135x10 135x10 135x10

    Cardio:1 mile run at 8 min pace.

    Not much between Thursday and Friday, Dosing was a little earlier 7 am and then 3pm again.
    Mood: again, positive, upbeat.

    Energy: Good clean energy similar to the past 3 days. No jitters. No elevated HR.

    Overall: Feel good, better than normal. Getting workouts done, getting papers done, not feeling anything out of the ordinary, besides increased energy, and slight raise in Body temp.

    Sides: very slight increase in Body temp. Not enough to sweat, just feeling a bit warmer than usual.

    and hopefully the second best part of the log, lol
    Noy Alexander
    Name:  Noy.JPG
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  15. Subbed bud... I tried the old LR stacked with dcp and it was decent but I wasnt too impressed. Interested to see how their new forumula works for ya buddy
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  16. noy alexander is freaking hot. how is sleep effected if at all? i think i have a bottle coming and am excited about the addition of macuna, should be great for fasted workouts.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  17. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    noy alexander is freaking hot. how is sleep effected if at all? i think i have a bottle coming and am excited about the addition of macuna, should be great for fasted workouts.
    Tell me about it Noy is top notch. As far as sleep, It hasn't been effected at all. Going all day long pumped up i'm excited at the end of the day to hit the hay.
    On that note I do have a high tolerance to stim, so this could just be for me.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo14 View Post
    Tell me about it Noy is top notch. As far as sleep, It hasn't been effected at all. Going all day long pumped up i'm excited at the end of the day to hit the hay.
    On that note I do have a high tolerance to stim, so this could just be for me.
    thanks for the info. and thanks for noy!!!!

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  19. DAY 4&5:

    I'm going to mash these 2 updates together cause they were pretty much the same, due to a lot of work these days were 2 off days in a row besides some cardio so here it goes

    Day 4:
    cals 2674
    • 145g fat
    • 176g carbs
    • 203g protien

    Day 5:
    cals 2501
    • 120g fat
    • 163g carbs
    • 87g fat
    • 143g carbs
    • 198g protien

    Day 4: 1.5 miles run at 745min mile pace
    Day5: 1 mile at 7:00min mile pace

    So I like to think of times in calender weeks, rather than when I actually started which was mid week, So i'm going to say week 1 is over, just cause tomorrow is Monday, and I like to use that as a bench mark. Just note that week one only had 5 days in it. Anyways. This weekend was filled with work and what not so I had to buckle down and get writing on papers and what not, so i could only make time for some cardio. SO i'm a bit disappointed in that. but I'm going to take a new approve this coming week.
    This new week i'm really gonna work on keep carbs down. I've been reading up on the CKD diet, but with my meals being dependent on the cafe at school eating 0 carbs could very possibly be impossible. But i'm going to try and keep carbs to an absolute min. And see how that goes. I'm going to bump cardio way up and work in some fasted workouts.
    So with a few days under my belt I'm going to his this week head on and see if LR can keep up.

    And because theres 2 dyas in here, 2 beautiful girls to admire
    first ONs fitness model, Jessica Putnam
    Name:  jess_putnam.JPG
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    and in spirit of sunday football Alusha Castonguary, one of the NE Pats cheerleaders
    Name:  Alsha.JPG
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  20. I HATE the Patriots with a passion but they do have some mighty fine cheerleaders. That sure helped improve my mood lol.

  21. Yea CKD with cafeteria sucks. I have to bring food to work. If I were to even attempt a keto diet in a cafeteria It would just be crazy expensive. Think about it, say they have burgers for like $3.25.. that means you are baying $3.25 for 1 patty and 1 slice of cheese. It might be hard for you to do keto at school bud but give it a shot. I got the AD eBook if your interested i can send it your way. Also remember to make the metabolic shift you need your fat to be 40% or more of your total caloric intake
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    I HATE the Patriots with a passion but they do have some mighty fine cheerleaders. That sure helped improve my mood lol.
    alysha is very nice!!!!!

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  23. Today and yesterdays update are coming in a few hours, just a preview had a fasted cardio session yesterday, was LR able to keep me going? find out soon haha
    Gonna get after some legs today, we'll see If i can power through it.

  24. so I lied about an update yesterday, days 6(yesterday) and today day 7 are being written up now

  25. DAY 6 :


    cals 1248
    • 40
    • 34
    • 160

    Bench 135x10 185x8 225x5 225x5 225x5 135x12-10-6
    Decline DB Bench 60x10 60x10 60x10 75x5-3-2
    *Fly 30x8 30x8 30x8
    *DB bench 30x8 30x8 30x8
    Cable cross 40x10 40x10 40x10 40x10 40x10
    Low cable cross 30x8 30x8 30x8
    french press 10x25 10x25 10x25 10x25 10x25
    cable tri ext 80x25 80x25 80x25 80x25 80x25

    CARDIO: ok, let me explain this, Triple Threats that I do are as follows
    3 ladders
    150 rep jump rope
    3 ladders
    150 rep jump rope
    3 ladders
    150 rep jump rope
    3 laps around 1/9 mile track so a third of a mile)
    ^^^this is one set^^^(see where i get triplethreat from lol)
    also the ladder is a 12 ft ladder(also divisible by 3 to keep with the theme)
    Triple Threat x 3
    1. front cross over step
    2. front to back step
    3. inside-side step

    If you would like explanations on the ladder drills you can try goggling them I cant remember if these are the real names of them, or I just made them up cause they pretty much describe whats going on. But if you can't find them I'll be happy to explain.

    So a lot of big things went down today. First off my low carb goal. I mightof been a bit miss leading. I'm not technically doing a CKD, more of i guess a carb cycling. 3-4 days of sub 50 carbs, then for a day bring it back up to 100-150 or so, then repeat, thats my goal as of right now. You may notice my calories way down today, let me tell you finding carbless food is harder than you think on campus. But i've made some fast accommodations, so you'll see day 7 turns out better.
    Also cardio this morning was FASTED, so in perspective, breakfast was at 8:00am that consisted of 5 egg whites and 1 whole egg, with some coffee, thats it. nothing was consumed after, then hit cardio at 12:30 or so. I didnt think I was going to wanna make it through all the way, but believe it or not I did have enough energy to get on top of it, which i'm very happy about. I do so believe this energy and drive was from LR, so im very happy about that.
    as far as weight training went, the way things timed out this wasn't fasted, but still had energy throughout the day to hit my chest and tris hard later on in the day.

    MOOD: slightly elevated about baseline, this is most likely due to the increase in energy, so the agitation that comes along with the mid-day fatigue isn't getting a chance to set in.
    Energy: Nice clean energy still proceeded throughout the day, enough to power me through my workouts with little food energy.
    OVERALL: I feel good. Not tired throughout the day, no problems with joints, or stomach, or heart rate. everything seems to be in check
    SIDES: not really any major sides to report. a slight elevation in body temp possibly, and I did sweat like an animal during cardio, significantly more than usual.

    And with out fail fellas a real hottie one of my top favs Kyla McGrath, fitness model
    Name:  Kyla.JPG
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