unsponsored prime and powerfull by usp labs

  1. unsponsored prime and powerfull by usp labs

    Hey guys, just a duck tryin some supplements here. I saw these and the reviews they have been getting so I figured I'd try them out.
    I bought a bottle of each, now that I bought that, I realized it would probably take atleast two or three bottles to do the recommended time for each. However. I'm going to take the prime as two pills with each meal of the day, and the powerfull as two pills before workout and before bed.

    My diet is actually pretty simple. I am currently a deployed soldier. The reason I say this is so that you will understand how my diet is structured. I don't get to eat in the chow hall much, so most of my meals consist of a weight gainer shake and some crackers. I'm currently taking optimum's Serious Mass as my meal replacement/protein. I'm also taking NoXplode, and Cell mass. I take them as directed, and have been on them for about a month now. I usually drink two to three Serious Mass shakes a day. I eat about one meal a day in the chow hall. The Serious Mass shakes are about 1200 calories with 50g of protein, so I usually get a decent intake. from doing this alone, I've gained 15lbs since being here in october.

    I'm currently 178lbs at 5'11. I have a very lean build, very ectomorphic.

    My workout is as follows. I do a 4 day split. I run the split continuously unless I have to take a break due to time restraints, overly sore, or injury. I'm coming off a lower back injury so I am not back squating much except for warmups on the smith machine. I'm going more for strength so I keep my numbers low. My last set is usually an all out set for extra weight. I try to keep the reps no lower than 4 though.

    Day 1 Chest and Tri's
    DB Incline press 8,8,6,6
    DB Decline press 8,8,6,6
    Chest Fly machine 8,8,8,8
    wide grip hammer machine 8,8,6,6
    overhead tricep ext. 8,8,8
    reverse and normal grip tricep ext cables 8, 8,8, 8

    Day 2 Back and Bi's
    Weighted Pull-ups 8,6,6,4
    single arm db rows 8,8,6,6
    angled row machine 8,8,8,6
    reverse fly's 8,8,8
    hammer curls 8,8,8
    reverse and normal grip bicep cable curls 8,8,8,8

    Day 3 Shoulders
    DB press 8,8,6,6
    Arnold Press 8,8,8
    DB lateral flys 8,8,8,8
    rotator cuff work 8,8,8,8
    front delt raises 8,8,8
    standing presses to failure three sets

    Day 4 Legs and core
    Squats 8, 8, 8, 8
    Lunges 8,8,8,8
    Leg ext 8,8,6,6
    Leg Curls 8,8,6,6
    calf raises 8,8,8,8
    weighted abdominal and lower back work(weight progresses as injury recovery progresses)

    I've already done one day of the product and can't wait to see more. The first night of sleep I could already tell the powerfull was kicking in. I was in deep sleep and woke up feeling very refreshed. My leg workout the day before was very good and started to feel a little tender from that. I love when my legs get sore.

    I had chest and tris to do today, and it felt awesome. I had such a great workout. I was able to hit the 85s for incline db press for 6 and the 100s for decline db press for 5. I also threw 160lbs on each side of the hammer press machine, that tore me up after chest flys. Well time to sleep again. Gotta take my powerfull real quick so it can have time to settle before I really go to sleep.

  2. Ok, the past two days have been really rough. Wednesday I did an awesome back workout. I got the 90s in single arm dumbbell row for a set of 8. I also destroyed biceps. My muscles feel more full and my sleep is definitely deeper. I am not seeing gains any different than before I was on the supplements.

    Today I did shoulders. My previous personal best in Dumbbell Shoulder Press was the 90s for 6, but today I did 85 and barely got 6. I have been working a lot on the lower part of my presses, so I may have lost a little because of having to use the lower weights. I however got an easy 6 with the 65s in arnold presses.

    I'm not feeling any side effects that people talk about except that I do get vivid dreams. So far the product feels like it just helps me feel better and sleep better. I'm not seeing gains any differently yet.

  3. Two comments: 1. You need to make certain that your diet is dialed in to make gains, even with good supps. 2. I believe that our bodies have biorythms that "ebb and flow" and you won't be stronger every single workout. Look to make gains over time; it will be less frustrating.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mvrk1 View Post
    Two comments: 1. You need to make certain that your diet is dialed in to make gains, even with good supps. 2. I believe that our bodies have biorythms that "ebb and flow" and you won't be stronger every single workout. Look to make gains over time; it will be less frustrating.
    Yes with these supplements alot of the first time feelings are placebo. . you'll start to feel the gains in the following weeks. . .thats when the body is absorbing the product and it runs its coarse through your veins!!! be one with your supp and with in the next couple of weeks you'll see your gains my friend!!! it takes time!!
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