RECON by Muscle Pharm!!

  1. RECON by Muscle Pharm!!

    I had a chance to test RECON by Muscle Pharm recently and all I can say is WOW! Actually, three members of my family have been testing it. I've been using it post workout after lifting weights and it's certainly helped with DOMS and my recovery the next day. My son, who plays hockey has used it and he feels he can train harder. My wife, who has been dragging lately with the holidays, running around, etc, felt noticably better after taking it (two different occassions). I've taken it both pre & post-workout and I think it works well either way. I play hockey once a week in a beer league (high end, pretty good players) and splitting it, half before & half after has worked great.

    Ingredients: 5/5 Great profile IMO.

    Taste: 3/5 Tough to make any type of BCAA drink taste great, but this isn't bad. I don't dread taking it. My son complained about a bit of an after taste but I haven't experienced that.

    Does it Work? 5/5 Yes it does, it delivers and then some!

    I've been taking Products like Xtend and Purple Wrath for a number of years because they work well for me. RECON is every bit as good and for some people, even better, with their expanded profile.
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