I know this may come off as a bit long-winded, but this is my first log, and I wanted to reflect the things that I have seen other people do (and not do) in their logs. I am going to be as complete and thorough as I believe necessary.

I have been into bodybuilding and general wellness my whole life. As I get older, however, and life brings with it more responsibilities, I find myself having less and less time for the gym. My limited time in the gym and limited time pursuing the intense outdoor activities I love (cycling, hiking, climbing, kayaking, etc.), is mainly spent as a generally recreational exercise time rather than a focus on cutting, bulking, cardio, etc. Unfortunately the job I have had for the past two years or so makes me sedentary for most of the workday, which has led to my BF% going higher than ever before, despite my efforts to keep up a regular exercise regimen, plan my meals, and take supplements. An erratic work schedule, combined with increased demands of home life, has led to me just not having the time I used to have to dedicate to exercise. I know that is my main problem. Cutting supplements have helped in the past, so it’s time to try something new along with a more solid exercise routine. At the very least I am now jumping out of bed and spending 30 minutes on my treadmill each time I wake up (usually twice a “day”). As often as possible, I incorporate more exercise into my day, which usually ends up being two to four days a week of cardio, at least half an hour each session.

My primary goal with this trial is to shed some of the fat that I have been accumulating. I am certainly at the highest BF% I have been at in my life right now, I can not stand it, and the time has come to fight back. In preparation, I have taken a few months off of stimulants and started to re-arrange my schedule to allow for more exercise time. Then by a stroke of luck, the opportunity to test Vigilance came along, and now I plan to incorporate it into my cutting strategy (the alpha-yo especially has my hopes up). My secondary goal is mental alertness on nights at work when I feel lethargic or just plain slow.

I work the overnight shift, so keep that in mind when you see the times I refer to.

On my work days, I will always be taking Vigilance while sitting at my desk. On days off I am generally more active and could be doing a variety of things after taking Vigilance.

I will not be using any other stims while I am testing Vigilance.


19 November, Thursday: Day 1. Woke at 2025 and ate a full dinner. At 2300 took first cap of Vigilance. I did not notice any energy or mental alertness from it. I believe it may have acted as somewhat of a bronchodilator, as my breathing seemed easier. However that perceived effect may have been unrelated.

19 November through 27 November: Dosed one cap per day during this time. Always with some food in my stomach, even if a couple hours after a full meal. Did not “feel” much, but I noticed an increase in mental alertness sometimes. It was not easy to tell when Vigilance may have kicked in, nor when the effects wore off.

28 November. Began dosing two caps at once, one time per day. Notice a definite, pleasant, steady stream of extra energy coming on beginning about half an hour after ingestion, regardless of the amount of food in my stomach. Within an hour of taking Vigilance, the effects are fully noticeable. No jitters or “rise and crash” effect like with other stims. Mental acuity is amazing, I can’t imagine what three caps at once would do. Effects seem to last about three hours, but the damn wonderful thing about this supplement is that there is no crash, so it is not easy to tell when the effects are wearing off. Certainly perks me up at work, and gives me a little boost when at home.

Posting this on 1 December, and I am still just a few days into my latest stage of dosing (two caps at once, one time per day).

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