Tnubs Journey

  1. Tnubs Journey

    My log on everything. Im gonna try a bunch of different stuff out and give my review/thoughts on them as well as track my progress in the gym.

    My list of ALL the pills/powders i take is here:

    Cheap Multi
    Vitamin C (1g/day)
    Vit D (2000iu)
    Glucosamine (2 grams)
    SuperCissus (2 grams)
    Hawthorne berry(3 grams)
    Celery Seed (150mg)
    CoQ10 (100mg)
    Fish Oil (3 grams)

    Green Mag (on off days)
    DominATP(workout days)

    Really just some basics + joint stuff + BP stuff.
    I abused my body for a couple months straight and taking stuff that raises my bp and its a little high now, goal is that over the month by making it happy i will be able to keep it down. So far its working pretty good just hoping it stays down.

    As far as workout, heres Fridays workout (11/27/09)

    Bench: 200x10
    Cable Row: 200x10
    Squat: 225x10

    Thats my workout for monday and friday... at the moment. I just keep adding weight depending on what i can do. I know the squats are low weight, but i have bad knees and i wanted to do higher reps. My squat max was about 355 before but my knees were pissed from low reps. Bench max was about 260. This weight is light so im gonna be able to go up a lot. Wendesday Is arms/shoulders deadlifts. Arms and shoulders DC style and deadlifts to a heavy single. Dl max should be a tad over 500.

    I had to change up my training dramatically because i wasnt making any gains. I started 3 weeks ago with higher reps and went from benching 185 for 10 to 200 for 10 in just 3 weeks, which makes me very happy. If i get 205 for 10 today, ill probably change fridays bench excercise to db incline and fridays row to the high row machine.

    Also, today i will be testing my ragnorok sample to see how the pumps/focus are

  2. I didnt like ragnorok... just usual pump/focus. Nothing new except half way through my workout i felt super sick and wanted nothing more than to puke my brains out. Heres my workout:

    bench: 205x8, 205x7
    incline DB bench: 70's x 10
    cable row; 205x10
    squat: 245x5 (felt too sick to push myself)

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