MrJ gets RECYCLEd with Purus Labs(sponsored)

  1. MrJ gets RECYCLEd with Purus Labs(sponsored)

    A big thanks to Purus and Grambo for getting me a bottle!!!

    Although i recieved my bottle a while back, i was going to try and do my log as part of a PCT with a light D-bol only cycle(was going to get it for free), but my source doesnt seem to be getting it soon enough.

    I am 5'6" and as of this morning 173.5 lbs. For the most part i am looking to gain some strength and possibly gain a pound or two and remain my current level of bodyfat or drop a slight amount.

    My training will be a basic 8 week program of westside barbell. I did it for the first half of the year with some fantastic results. And as of late i have been more focused on hypertrophy type training. I will follow the label instructions and take 4 caps per day. 2 am and 2 pm. I will be updating approx 4 days per week.

    My first dose comes tomo morning and i will report back my first two days on tuesday night!

    just wanted to say the only other supps i take are some stims i am familiar with fish oil, cissus rx, and yellow gold(uncapped)


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  3. Ok. So i took my first dose on monday morning about 15 minutes before my workout. Was on a tight schedule and had to move through it fast.
    It was dynamic bench day.

    the workout looked like this.
    10x3 flat BB presses
    3x10 FLat flyes, i always add in some DB work for chest, as it is lacking IMO
    3x10 side raises and 3x10 rear raises
    and for tris it was 4x8 lying DB extensions.

    I felt great throughout the entire workout and had alot of energy and focus, and felt stronger than i have been. I thought it was the ephedrine i took PreWO, but i didnt take it this morning and had jsut as much energy and focus.

    Today it was legs and it looked something like this.
    10x2 with 185 box squats to parrallel
    4x10 single leg leg presses
    3x10 hyperextension BW+35
    One arm DB rows 4x6
    and lastly 3x15 DB shrugs.

    followed it up with 20 minutes of pretty intense cardio.

    Again my mood, energy and focus was great. My libido has already increased slightly, although i dont know if i need any more i just found out this morning that my wife is pregant again!

    So i can tell my body is freeing up more test than normal. This afternoon before i left for work i had a ton of energy and havent felt like i needed to rest at all. So far i am really liking this stuff and cannot wait to see what kind of progress i can make.

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    In for sure.

    Good luck on the log.

  5. N4 Results...

  6. Havent posted in a couple of days. Have been quite busy at work.

    Thursday was jsut cardio elliptical for 30 minutes.

    Friday was max effort bench day
    Looked like this....
    Worked up to a 1 RM
    135x3, 183x3, 225x3, 2275x3, and then on my first attempt on 315 i got only one and it was very heavy. I wanted to go sit in the corner and sulk. Took a rest and then pushed 315 for 3 reps. I stopped there, and went on to do
    4x8 incline DB press with 60's.
    3x15 Seated DB presses
    and extra tri work today.
    6x10 skull crushers(easy curl bar)
    3x10 pushdowns using a straight bar.

    I also believe i did some ab work and 15 minutes of cardio on the elipitcal and 15 HIIT on the treadmill.

    Had a ton of energy and felt pretty great all day long. libidio is up, wake up with wood in the middle of the night almost every night and sometimes during the day, the wind starts to get me going.

    Friday Max effort Squat day

    workout looked like this.
    Warmed up to a 1RM on Goodmornings
    i dont remeber the weights, not real heavy but got in a good stretch
    Glute Ham raises 4x6-8 reps, with a slow down count
    Hyperextension 4x10 BW+35
    3x10 leg extensions so get in some quad work
    4x10 Lat pulldowns(focusing on the squeeze athe bottom)
    and 3x10 Seated DB curls
    followed by 20 minutes of cardio.

    Felt tired when i got to the gym and ddint really get going until about 20 minutes in. But that is normally because i get up and go to workout. and i take my stims and Recycle when i get to the gym so they kick in about halfway. If i take them 20 minutes before a workout liek most labels say, i start to die halfway through the workout. After the workout i felt good, another really nice pump and had enough energy to help the wife and baby pack up to leave for her parents tonight, and then come to work until 2 am.

    So far this stuff is really nice, i wish i had more cause i woul like to try to bump up the dosage a lil to see what happens. the pumps have been really really good. I dont take a NO product or creatine. my diet has been pretty much in check, so i am feeling a lil leaner, and my pants are fitting around the waist nice, although the thigh department is getting tight!

    sunday is cardio and abs only.

  7. work has been busy and stressful so i havent been able to update as often as i would like too.

    I dont remeber the last couple of workouts exactly, but they were really good workouts. Energy, focus and the pump are all going great. I have been getting less sleep that iw ould like, the little one is teething bad. But i have had a couple great workouts this week. Libido is still very much improved too.

    I thought i would give a little bit about my diet in this update. I try to eat similar everyday, but working in a restaurant makes it hard to not much on all the food that is around. but i try to eat the following most days

    fiber pancakes with ATW lean and fit Protien and SF syrup.
    Chix or tuna with whole wheat toast
    and while i am at work a protien shake and 1 or 2 chix breats.

    I have a big sweet tooth so, i tend to get in a little bit of sugary carbs everyday. no more than 250 or so.

    I have been eating well and have gotten a lil leaner. i also feel my strength is on the rise.

  8. Havent been able to update as detailed as i would like. Work has been very busy and i havent found the time to get on much.

    All of my workouts have been really good and i think my strength and size and vascularity are all up. and libido is way way up. I havent had much of a sex drive probally since i did a SD cycle a few years ago. But most days i want to hump anything that moves

    Any way todays work out looked like this. I had a TON of energy and sweated my ass off

    Dynamic Bench day
    10x2 inclince BB with 175
    7x12 incline DB Flyes with 35's
    10x10 straight leg lifts
    4x8 Lying DB extensions 30's i think
    3x10 side Lats 20lbs
    3x10 rear DB raises 15lb

    and 3x10 side and rear raises for my left shoulder(weak point)

    and 20 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill.

    So far this is very very effective.

    Tuesday will be just abs and cardio

  9. so i havent updated for quite some time. i dont know what i was thinking trying to write a detailed log during the busiest time of the year at work, since i only can use the internet here. i have 3 days left and will be writing my final detailed review hopefully saturday or sunday


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