Orangepeels No Fancy Tittle Needed *RECON* Log (Sponsored)

  1. Orangepeels No Fancy Tittle Needed *RECON* Log (Sponsored)


    About OrangePeel:
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 200
    Body Type: Mesomorph

    I have been training for 5.5 years now, and for the last 3 years I have been taking the other aspects of bodybuilding such as, deit, and sleep, much more seriously.


    My diet has gotten kind of wrecked the last few weeks leaving my BF% a little higher than I'd like, so I'd like to try to gain strength on this run, but clean my diet up and hopefully drop the BF% if possible

    Life long, my goal has always been to be the leanest/strongest 200-205lbs I can.


    Nothing special here, I am NOT a professional bodybuilder and do not beleive I need to count macro's to a tee, I do however have some guidlines I will follow.

    Meal 1 - 50G Protein
    Meal 2 - PRE - 50G Lean Protein, 50G Carbs
    Post 3 - Recon
    Meal 4 - 30 Minutes Post-WO - 50G Lean Protein, 50G Carbs
    Meal 4 - 50G Lean Protein
    Meal 5 - 50G Lean Protein

    -Lean protein sources will be switched up, I don't like to eat the same thing for the same meal day after day, but will consist of things such as Chicken, Turkey Burger, Lean Beef, Buffalo Eggs, Tilapia etc.
    -I eat almonds throughout the day for fats, and ocassianally switch out almonds in the PM to eat a steak, or EVOO chicken for a PM meal.
    -The Carb sources change usually between plain oatmeal, and rice brown/white rice.
    -Drink ATLEAST 1 gallon of water daily, and I also go through about 3 gallons of Green Tea a week on top

    Monday - Legs/Shoulders/Light Bi's
    Tuesday - Chest/Light Tri's
    Wednesday - OFF
    Thursday - Back/Heavy Bi's
    Friday - Traps/Heavy Tri's
    Saturday -OFF
    Sunday - OFF

    Taste: - 7/10 - The taste was in no way "bad" and was in fact very easy to drink, just not something you look forward to, and really want to drink.
    Mixability: - 10/10 - I use a hand held electric mixer for all my powders, so I've yet to find a powder I can't easily mix
    Effectiveness: - I'll have to edit and come back to this, but from the first night of sleep, and the day after my first W/O, I have good hopes for this product
    Taste: - 9/10 - The flavor tasted very good, very smooth and is something that you could easily look forward to before or during the gym
    Mixability: - 10/10 - Again, hand held mixer
    Effectiveness: - 9.5/10 - EXACTLY what I've read it should do, very smooth, and focused energy. This is very different from some stims I've tried and I must admit I like that effects of Assault much better than the heavy stim products.


  2. DAY 1/2

    DAY 1
    (Monday) was my Legs/Bi's Day. Not much to report in the gym on the Recon as it's a Post-WO supp.

    The Assault however I am INCREDIBlY pleased with, I don't normally use Pre-WO supps religiously as I've always felt that most days I can really push myself to my limits without them - So I usually buy some and keep them saved away for the the rainy/cloudy, nasty, tired days when You just don't feel into the gym; lucky for me Monday was just like that so I took the Assault and it proved to be exactly what I've heard, very focused and obvious energy boost, completely different that that of a heavy stim product; but I MUCH prefer the feeling of Assault (In fact my only complaint is that the stem on the scoop is too long, and makes it tough to get back into the jug )

    I was also say that Monday night when I hit the bed I was OUTTT, and I had been having trouble sleeping lately (Not really trouble, bu I'd lay around awake for 30ish Min before falling asleep). Also this being around 24 hours after my Monday W/O I can say the DOMS in my legs is much less than usual, they're still sore but at least they don't feel like jello as usual, and I had even taken the previous week off from legs, so I was expecting them to feel pretty sloppy this week!

    Partial W/O details:
    DB Military Press - 85 x 6 (Final Set)
    Squats - 275 X 2 (This was my highest set, My squats are fairly weak, and lately I've really been focusing on proper technique more than anything)
    Leg Press Machine - 450 x 4 (3 Final Sets)

    DAY 2
    (Today) Legs are feeling a little sore today as noted, but they were more than okay to get through my Chest/tri's day

    Partial W/O Details
    Flat-Dumbell Press - 80 x 12, 90 x 12, 105 x 11

  3. DAY 4/5/6

    Notice there was no day 3, the gym was closed on Thanksgiving, and that W/O was skipped

    DAY 4
    (Friday) was my Traps/Heavy Tri's Day.

    Partial W/O Details:
    Snatch Shrugs - 405 X 12, 495 x 6 (Final Set, a little sloppy but I occasionally throw in a little cheat set to help the next week)
    Weighted Dips - 45 X 12, 75 X 10, 85 x 10, 95 x 6 (These are down from a few weeks ago, and so I'm hoping for some muscle memory to kick in and really gain some strength back on these

    DAY 5
    (Monday) Legs/Light Bi's

    Partial W/O Details
    Squats - 135 x 12, 185 x 10, 205 x 8, 225 x 6, 225 x 6 (I was one of those guys who never cared about legs but recently started maybe 4 weeks ago, I'm now getting to the point were I can really start to notice the weight being lighter, so I'm glad to have recon at this point)
    DB Military Press 45 x 10, 65 x 10, 75 x 10, 85 x 6

    DAY 6
    (Today) Chest

    Partial W/O Details
    DB Flat Bench - 75 x 12, 85 x12, 95 x 12, 110 x 9
    BB Incline Press - 155 x 12, 175 x 10, 195 x 6, 225 x 2 (This is one place I'm really hoping to have Recon help with some improvement, I've always slacked on Incline and recently have been putting some effort into try to even out my Incline, Decline, and Flat)

    So far I'm really enjoying this product! My legs aren't sore for the entire week after training them, I go to sleep at night and I'm out with in minutes - I'm really hoping to see some great results from this product by the time this log is over!

  4. DAY 7/8/9

    Notice there was no day 3, the gym was closed on Thanksgiving, and that W/O was skipped

    DAY 7
    (Thursday) Back/Heavy Bi's

    Partial W/O Details:
    Pull-ups - These are weight assisted, I'm really tring to focus on these and wanted a reps day - 4 Sets of 25 (75Lbs assisted)
    Lat Pulls - 125 x 10, 150 x 10, 175 x 8, 195 x 6

    DAY 8
    (Friday) Traps/Tris

    Partial W/O Details
    Snatch Shrigs - 495 x 12, 315 x 4 sets of 20
    Weighted Dips 45 X 12, 75 x 12, 90 x 10, 100 x 6

    DAY 9
    (Today) Legs/Shoulders

    Partial W/O Details
    Squats - 135 x 12, 185 x 5 sets of 10
    DB Military Press - 85 x 9

    These lasts three workout I am beginning to see great improvement! The Dips are coming back to were they were quickly, squats are getting much easier at the same weights, and the DB Military felt GREAT for the 9 reps I got.

    Also as another side note I almost always hover around 200-202 (Weighed right before bed, in boxers only), last night I stepped on the scale to see 208!

  5. DAY 10
    (Today) Chest/Light Tri's

    Partial W/O Details
    DB Flat Bench - 80 x 12, 110 x10, 110 x 9, 110 x 9
    BB Decline Press - 4 sets of 225 x 10

  6. keep it up bro!

  7. DAY 11/12

    DAY 11
    (Thursday) Back/Heavy Bi's

    Partial W/O Details:
    Pull-ups - 4 Sets of 25 (75Lbs assisted)
    Lat Pulls - 125 x 10, 150 x 10, 175 x 8, 195 x 6

    DAY 12
    (Friday) Traps/Tris

    Partial W/O Details
    DB Shrigs - 80 x 12, 3 set 105 x 12
    Weighted Dips 50 X 12, 80 x 12, 95 x 8, 105 x 7\

    The DB weighted dips are DEFINITELY coming back strong, and at this point i'm so far extremely please with RECON.

  8. good stuff man. i like ur log.

    wait.... that sounded bad...

  9. DAY 13/14

    DAY 13
    (Today) Legs/Shoulders

    Partial W/O Details
    Squats - 135 x 12, 225 x 3 sets of 10
    DB Military Press - 60 x 10, 70 x 10, 75 x 10, 85 x 9

    DAY 14
    (Today) Chest/Light Tri's

    Partial W/O Details
    DB Flat Bench - 85 x 12, 95 x12, 105 x 12, 115 x 8
    BB Flat - (Immediately Following DB's) - 225 x 4, 275 x 1, 315 x 1
    BB Incline 135 x 12, 165 x 12, 195 x 8, 205 x 6

  10. No updates for day 15, I totaled my 03 Z06 on the way into the gym today, I'm crazy lucky and only have a little soreness on my side, so I'm hoping to be back in the gym on Monday.

  11. DAY 17, 18, 19, and 20

    These workouts were basically exact replicas of last weeks work outs. Basically my lower back/side, and shoulder were sore from the accident for the better part of the week so I was really pushing my self to keep the same weights as the previous week, and I was able to for everything but squats which I skipped with week, and DB Dips which were +1 of my previous PR this week!


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