t3/liquid clem ****tail

  1. Question t3/liquid clem ****tail

    My fiance, (x pro bodybuilder and chemisty grad) has me on t3, tomorrow I will be up to 100mcg and I start Liquid Clem tomorrow as well. Im doing a 3 week cycle. My goal is to cut what fat I have, and look more cut. Im 5'9 and as of last week weighed 168. Im a size 10. Since I started lifting again, about 2 mths ago, I gained weight. I was a size 9. Now Since I have bulked up, I want to define the muscle. (I lift and do cardio 5 days a week, at the least)
    ANy suggestions to help me

  2. Diet, diet, diet -thats what it all comes back to, as im sure ur fiance will tell you. What is your diet like?
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  3. at the same time, as in the other thread you posted; are you going to take something to off set the catabolism that t3 causes? otherwise, you will lose muscle.

  4. you guys see the ad at the top of this page?!?!

    wow thats a fortune for clen...
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    Quote Originally Posted by benj851 View Post
    you guys see the ad at the top of this page?!?!

    wow thats a fortune for clen...
    can buy t-3 from there to

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  7. 100mcg of T3 is a pretty high dose and will lead to catabolism and muscle wasting. T3 doesnt care where the nutrients come from and will grab from first available... meaning it will rip off muscle just as quickly as it will fat. Tell your husband to look into T4 or T2 as they are better versed and controlled for a female. My personal opinion is drop the Clen and get Albuterol, as it has studies showing an increase in Vo2 max and assists with cardiovascular fitness, clen is a hinderance and has shown heart necrosis in studies.

    Other than that, DIET. The weight loss will come ultimately from diet and not your supplemental products.
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