Vigilance Beta Testing

  1. Vigilance Beta Testing (By Avant Labs)

    I think the thread title says it all!

    This version of Vigilance is caffeine. I'm a complete stim whore, so I'm not sure that I'll ever be taking this without caffeine. The ingredients are as follows: geranamine, Alpha-Yohimbine, Synephrine, Tyramine. I have been asked to pay attention to things like mood, energy, appetite, fat loss, possibly libido (alpha-y), etc. I will pretense by saying that I'm pretty laid back and have a pretty decent appetite (food and ).

    I took my first few doses last week, and, per Savage, I started out with only one cap (and 200+). A full serving is 2.7 caps of the betas that were sent to me. Honestly, I didn't feel anything out of the norm from when I take caffeine.

    I upped the dose the next day to two caps and 200mg of caffeine. I remember thinking that I was more pleasant than I normally am, but wasn't sure if this was due to the Vigilance. In terms of energy, I still didn't feel like it was doing much for me.

    I tried the next dose as three caps and took it with 200mg of caffeine. Again, I thought I was more pleasant than normal, but still didn't have any sort of stim feeling. I did feel like I was getting a little flush in my face and wasn't sure if that was due to working outside that day, some vasoconstriction due to the caffeine, etc.

    After my first three or four doses I began to wonder if I was giving this product a fair try. I was extremely exhausted last and wasn't getting nearly enough sleep. I took a couple days off from the Vigilance and one day from caffeine.

    Today I took three caps and 200mg of caffeine. Today is the first time that I can honestly attribute energy to Vigilance. It's not the usual twitchy and jittery energy that I expect when I take Yohimbine though (which I actually don't mind, OUTSIDE of the gym). Hopefully what I felt today will continue to be felt with subsequent doseages
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  2. subbed as well......cant wait to get mine

  3. Not much to report so far. I took three capsules yesterday morning before work...yes, I had to work

    I did notice that it helped with nice clean energy. Still no jittery feelings, but I didn't notice much of anything else either. So far, I suggest using this with at least 200mg of caffeine. I don't seem to get the feeling that I'm looking for if I use less.

    This is definitely not hindering my appetite, but I have never found anything that does. I'm fairly laid back and happy go lucky, so I'm not sure if it's helping with my mood or not.
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  4. Wait, who makes this?

  5. Avant Labs

  6. I took three caps this morning before work and nothing really different to report.

    I did get a slight headache, which I have noticed a couple of times when dosing. I'm not sure I can attribute it to the Vigilance though.
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  7. I had a bad headache yesterday afternoon, but I didn't take any Vigilance. The headaches are definitely from something else, IE allergies or eye strain.

    I am noticing more energy now from three caps than I was the first week of dosing. It's still not an overwhelming or jittery feeling though. This might be a pretty good pre-workout supp for those of you that like stims before hitting the gym. I've always steered clear b/c I don't like caffeine pre-workout...
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  8. Just to confirm, my allergies have been ridiculous today. The headaches are definitely not from the Vigilance.

    FWIIW, I have not had any problems at all sleeping. In all fairness, I have not taken any capsules after 12 noon. I might try dosing around one or two tomorrow just to see what happens in regards of trying to go to bed...I'm not usually up this late, but I had a really long day and I'm still unwinding
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