Capnsavem's RECON mission: commencing ReBuild (sponsored)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by trueathlete View Post
    Glad your liking the products bro, we pride ourselves on delivering results and not just hype.
    that's what it's all about man. MP's products WORK. there's only a few companies around that actually deliver results with their products.

    there's no wonder why top sports pros and MMA fighters swear by MP's products.

  2. Great log!! Have a great thanksgiving!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by trueathlete View Post
    Great log!! Have a great thanksgiving!!

    thanks bro- i hope yours was great as mine was!

  4. what a thanksgiving!!!

    i ate like it was going out of style on turkey day. before that, i ran an impromptu 5K (and i DON'T run), than a football game was poppin' off at a local H.S. field, so my dumbass had to get in on that too!

    ... let's just say my feet and ankles hated me through sunday

    i didnt get any workouts in thurs-sat, but i was able to drag my carcass into the gym on sunday before NFL RedZone started up @ 10am..

    i hit chest and tris to switch up the routine a little...


    flat bench- 4 sets (1st one is warmup) 8 reps ea: 135/185/205/225

    incline bench- 4 sets (no warmup) 8 reps ea: 135/185/195/205

    cable flyes- 4 sets (from top) then 4 more (from bottom)- (no warmup) 8 reps ea: 60/70/80/80 to failure (concentration on negatives)


    close grip flat bench: 3 sets 10 reps ea- 95/105/125

    EZbar skull crushers: 3 sets 8 reps ea- 80/90/90

    rope pulldowns: 3 sets 10 reps ea- 100/110/120

    single reverse pulldowns: 3 sets 10 reps each arm- 40/50/60

    that day, i NEEDED the Assault scoop, because i was still dragging ass from the 1/2 week before... and it did it's job. got me focused and ramped up my intensity to push thru a good intense workout, even though i wasnt all there mentally and physically.
    as usual, i slammed a scoop of RECON immediately after my workout.

    on the following day (which is today) i felt completely over the craziness and pain that was my thanksgiving week. felt damn good, as a matter of fact... seems like the deeper into the tub of Recon i go, the better the effects become... i like this.

  5. sorry guys i was out of state for my son's football bowl game... they won! ya baby.

    anyhow- i'll resume posting today to catch up with my Recon run here... be back soon after my workout this early afternoon

  6. ok so i ended up missing the gym yesterday... got into a fender bender and it put me in a mood

    but i did get to hit legs this morning- i love leg days! hit the last serving of my arctic blue razz flavor Assault.. now i can concentrate on the Raspberry Lemonade flavor jug!!

    leg press: 4 sets (1st one warmup)- 8 reps ea: 1 set @360/ 3 sets @720

    hack squat: 4 sets (no warmup)- 8 reps ea @ 280

    seated calf raises: 3 sets- 20 reps ea @ 160

    hammy curls: 4 sets (1st warmup)- 8 reps ea: 80/90/90/100

    standing calf raises (toes pointed inward for 3, outward for final 3): 6 total sets, 20 reps ea @ 245

    downed a full scoop of Recon after the workout. as usual, i'm expecting to be refreshed and accelerated recovery in the A.M... so my body will be ready for the next pain session!

  7. oh boy.. yesterday was shoulders and i love to go heavy on shoulders, and today i have very little, almost no soreness. Recon works. as i've reported throughout this log, waking up the next day after a tough workout and a long day of work has been surprisingly pleasant and refereshing.

    this morning i actually felt so refreshed that i chugged a scoop of Assault and i went straight to the gym at 5:30 to hit bi's and tri's. had a friggin intense workout.. i've been concentrating on my arms to bring them along with my shoulders... can't have spaghetti noodles hangin' off the boulders!!!

    went home and actually grilled up some lean ground beef and threw 2 eggs on top (a'la Hawaiin loco moco, minuz the gravy and rice) right after i chugged my scoop of Recon. a good morning i must say!

  8. ok so i took a few days off because my lower back was acting up... nothing major, just didnt stretch well before helping my buddy move. today i'm back in the gym! did some HIIT this morning 1st thing, gonna hit chest/bi's today early afternoon.

    if anyone has any questions on RECON, as far as taste, results, etc- holla atcha boy.

  9. on 12/15 hit chest and biceps- threw in forearms for good measure. went with the usual pyramid-up - 4 sets/8 reps ea. threw down some Assault 20 minutes prior to hitting 1st set. (i'm loving the Assault too.. the Raspberry lemonade tastes like i got it at 'hot dog on a stick')

    went with flat bench, incline dumbells, incline hammer (upper chest is lacking), and cable flyes

    for biceps hit the ez curl bar, hammer curls, seated curls on the decline, then burned them out with cable curls

    forearms consisted of reverse straight bar curls, reverse ez bar curls, wrist curls

    the Recon is a heaven send. i look forward to the day after all the time now, minimal soreness and so refreshed. this will be a new staple for me, thats for certain.

    when's this getting released Pmiller?? i need to get some tubs for when i'm done with this log.

  10. ok people word is that RECON will be available Jan 1st !!!!!!!

    google that b!tch and buy it.

    i'm definitely picking up some tubs of it. it has introduced me to a whole new definition of Post workout recovery.

  11. today, after a super heavy leg day yesterday including deads, hack squats, leg press, hammy curls, and standing calf raises, i feel great... minimal soreness... some in my hammys, but thats because i neglect them so when i kill them, they're hurtin'...

    i attribute this to my run of Recon for this log. i've never used a post WO product that does what Recon does. i mean, sure there are products that say they promote drastic recovery results, but these products left something to be desired... until now.

  12. I have been running RECON for over a month now, and am very pleased with the results of the post workout recovery results that it has given me. the clinically tested BCAA ratios of 3:1:2 is just the right formulation that has helped me with my recovery efforts after each and every muscle-demolishing workout i have had over this time log.

    just to recap all of the other beneficial formulas in this product, here's the run-down:

    RECOVER Matrix
    The most abundant amino acid in the body, glutamine, is known as the immune boosting and muscle building properties. RECON has over 7 grams of glutamine per serving, along with several other powerful, recovery-inducing agents.

    Research has proven time and time again Essential and Branched Chain amino acids to be critical components of the muscle building process. Especially in immediate post-training window of growth, BCAAs and EAAs are critical components of muscle repair and rebuilding. RECON contains 10 grams of EAAs and 6 grams of BCAAs

    Beta Alanine and Citruline Malate have been shown to help replenish cellular energy, to fuel ongoing muscular contractions for harder, more intense training sessions. RECON REFUEL Matrix will facilitate cellular energy replenishment and prepare the muscle cells for the next training session.

    RECON is hyper-loaded with key herbal extracts and phytochemicals specifically included for their role in recovery, regeneration and rebuilding. The REGENERATE Matrix also contains several cellular detoxifiers, free-radical and cellular pollutant scavengers, specifically designed to remove metabolic waste for improved recovery and cell health.

    Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body, bar none. RECON contains several proven nutrient drivers, insulinogenics and insulin mimetics, specifically included to help thrust recovery agents from the bloodstream into the muscle cells. RECON's RELOAD Matrix acts as a hyper-loaded nutrient delivery system, formulated to stimulate rapid nutrient uptake for maximal muscle growth and repair.

    Cortisol and free-radicals are the two primary opponents to cellular health and recovery. RECHARGE Matrix contains several specific compounds included to control cortisol, the stress-response / growth-inhibiting hormone.

    Carb-Max blend is a scientifically formulated combination of specific carbohydrate sources, each specifically chosen for its unique energy-yielding properties and recovery enhancement capabilities. The Carb-Max blend contains 3 different mono- and polysaccharides, combined to yield rapid, sustained cellular replenishment.

    all in all, i give RECON a 10 out of 10- for its excellent recovery and rebuilding formula, and the taste is a good one for a product chock full of amino acids.

    this is a product that will be my post workout staple now. MusclePharm got this one right!

  13. bump for inquiring minds

  14. bump- Recon is now available!!!

  15. bump- anyone interested i saw a great deal on Recon... PM me for details...

    p.s. i'm not affiliated with MusclePharm... i just like to let people in on a great deal on a tremendous product when i find'em

  16. bump- since its available now maybe people wanna see a log or Recon-

  17. Thanks man! Recon is great.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by trueathlete View Post
    Thanks man! Recon is great.
    for sure. it's so complete.


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