From C-K-D to Sub-Ec-Dy! Lg's new ecdy product..

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  1. From C-K-D to Sub-Ec-Dy! Lg's new ecdy product..

    Before I start in with details, I'd like to thank LG again for giving me an opportunity to test their new ecdysterone product, Sub-Ecdy. This is my first time offically logging a supplement, and first time using an ecdysterone product, so I'm especially excited to get this test-run underway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    LG Sciences brings you yet another break through in Sports Supplements! Our very own sub-ecdy product...

    LG brings you Sub-Ecdy, which can be successfully used to gain muscle, increase recovery, and improve physical stamina. The secret is getting it into the system, and guess what? We have found it! Just to give you a little tease, after talking to LegalGear, the penetration enhancers used in this product should put into a new league of its own..

    : 4 sprays (1ml) 6-8 x daily

    After the first dosage of Sub-Ecdy today, I switched from a CKD to a more traditional and balanced lifter's diet very soon. I've been on CKD for a little over a month and took me back down from around 200 lbs. (~7.5-8.5% bf) to 186 (4.5-5.5% bf), with a little bit of strength decrease. I'm an ecto, and now that the winter is approaching, I thought it'd be a good time to bulk up again and reintroduce my body to carbs only around my workouts.

    *Non-Lifting Day Diet:
    Meal 1- 4 whole eggs, 6-8 strips of bacon/4-6 sausage links
    Meal 2- 1 1/4 scoops WPI, 1 tbsp Naturally More Peanut Butter, splash of skim milk to mix. 6 Uni-Liver tabs, 4 scoops RecoverPRO, .25 tsp ALCAR, 2 tsp. AAKG
    Meal 3- 2 scoops WPI, 1 1/2 tbsp. Naturally More PB, splash of milk to mix. 4 scoops RecoverPRO, .25 tsp ALCAR
    Meal 4- 2 85/15 Angus burgers, 2 slices of cheese/Bratwurst x2/Whey protein mix when I don't feel like cooking
    Meal 5- Not really a meal, but I snack on cheese a lot, especially at night.

    Lifting Day Diet:
    Meal 1- 4 whole eggs, 6-8 strips bacon/4-6 sausage links
    Meal 2- 1 1/4 scoops WPI, 1/2 cup Grape Nuts, 1 cup Bear Naked Fit Vanilla Almond Crunch (granola/almond mix), 1 1/2 cup milk. 6 Uni-Liver tabs, 4 scoops RecoverPRO, .25 tsp ALCAR, 2 tsp. AAKG
    Meal 3- 2 scoops WPI, 1/2 cup Grape Nuts, 1 cup Bear Naked Fit Vanilla Almond Crunch (granola/almond mix), 1 1/2 cup milk. Fiber One apple streusel bar.
    Meal 4- 2 85/15 Angus burgers, 2 slices of cheese/Bratwurst x2/Whey protein mix when I don't feel like cooking
    Meal 5- Again, cheese

    Usual Weekly Routine
    Mon- Back, Bi, Forearms HIT
    Tue- Chest, Tri, Shoulders>*edit* Chest, Tri
    Wed- Off
    Thu- Legs, shoulders, core>*edit* Legs, core
    Fri- Off>*edit* Shoulders
    Sat- Back, traps
    Sun- Core, plyos if up to the task

    I'll switch this weekly plan up here and there depending on how I'm feeling the day of the lift, but it shouldn't ever change too drastically. The diet is versatile in that I normally don't lift until at least 3:00, and if I decide to take a day off, I can just stay low carb the rest of the day and nix my pre- and post-workout carb meals.

    I am mainly trying to increase power and strength. The lack of power mats at my college rec is troubling but I make sure to go heavy on cleans and power work in general when I get back home (for christ sake my High School has them and you're telling me a college campus can't afford one...?) Thinking about going to Wendler's 5/3/1 with my struggling bench strength, so it should be nice to have some glycogen back when I go heavier. I've been pretty lazy as far as cardio is concerned with the bad weather and lack of people to run with, but I intend to boost my sprint conditioning with late night HIIT. This will kill two birds with one stone too because I hate the idea of wasted carbs in my system. My back responds very well to HIT and is my favorite area to train; lots of wide grip pullups, low rep BB rows, face pulls, etc.

    Other Supplements

    CVS Brand Vitamin D ~4000 IU daily
    Fish Oil ~10mg daily
    Geranium Caps - used sparingly, usually with HIT workouts to keep intensity up
    Caffeine Pills - again, used sparingly
    Anabolic Pump - Only used on workout days around carb meals to maximize protein synthesis; should save me the hassle of some fat gain and bloating

    Let's get it started!

  2. So what's the product name. Funny i was talking to them about an ecdy product a few weeks back. And now they have one out ?

  3. Might as well reserve this second spot for pictures, kinda dropped the ball on that one. I'll post Sunday's workout tomorrow along with my Monday workout.

    It's called Sub-Ecdy, btw.

    *edit* reserved for final review.

  4. subbed duder. excited about this one
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  5. Very interested in your findings. Please keep us posted..

  6. Godo to see the log up man! Awesome!

  7. hmmmm lg is doin it again hahah here we go!!!
    Your Competitive Advantage
    Lift Smart, Lift Hard, Lift For a Lifetime

  8. Welcome everyone, nice to see some people tuning in! Decided to stay home through Monday and lift at a far more functional gym, despite not being able to access the internet via ethernet because of some Time Warner BS. Went back to college today and the wireless is running smoothly, so here's my first impressions of the product.

    Taste: Can be a bitter orange taste depending on how long you keep under tongue. The longer you hold it the more the bitterness seems to subside, and if you really hold it long enough it can even taste a little bit like Pez candy.

    Doses on Sunday and Monday: 4 sprays, 8 times throughout the day.

    : a. N/A Sunday's Workout wasn't exactly "strength-oriented", so I cannot speak for Sub-Ecdy's influence on my plyometric workout. 6x4 sets of broad jumps, 4x5 sets of rim jumps, 6/sidex4 sets side-to-side jumps. Kept the workout quick today as the impact didn't feel great on my knees; I have some Super Cissus Rx for backup if my joints really start to give me hell.

    b. Went with volume over intensity for a change, and perhaps a slight boost from the Sub-Ecdy was in-play. I'm skeptical to think this to be true as it was only the second day of dosing the product, but I did get two more strict form wide grip pullups (lat-movement intensive, went from 13 fresh last workout to 15 fresh). Better bar grips may be the culprit. Anyways, the workout went as follows (forgive the format for the rows, a little hard to put into text):
    Pullups 1x15
    Iso-Lateral Row Machine (High, wide horizontal grip): 3 45 lb. weights loaded on each side, 25 lb. loaded on each side, 2.5 lb weight on each side. 2 sets of 8. Added 5 lbs to each side, ended with one set of 6.
    Iso-Lateral Row Machine (Mid, vertical/neutral grip): 3 45 lb. weights loaded on each side, 10 lb. on each, 2.5 on each, went for 2 sets of 10 reps. Changed 10 & 2.5 sides to 25 lb weights and repped 6 for one set.
    Pullups 1x10 1x8
    DB Hammer Curls (45 sec rest intervals) 35x10x2 40x5x1
    Reverse Wide Grip Curls (E-Z Bar) (60 sec rest intervals) 75x10x2 85x5x1, burnt out by sliding off the 5 lb. weights and doing an immediate set of 5 more x75 lbs.

    Muscle Density/Hardness
    : N/A No effects noticed thus far.
    Size: N/A Definitely too early to tell.

    Overall, both workouts went well without any Geranium/caffeine influence. I'm headed to the gym atm so I'll be back later tonight with another post!

  9. Tuesday's Workout
    Decided to go with Chad Waterbury's twist on the 5x5 rep scheme. Basically you pick a weight that you could do for 6-8 reps, and rep out the main exercise as fast as possible. As soon as your reps slow down noticeably or you have to shift from perfect form to get the weight up quick, you stop the set. 25 reps total, no matter how many sets it takes to get there.
    a. Flat Bench Press 205x6/6/5/4/4
    b. Incline Dumbell Press 75x7/6/6/4
    c. Machine Flies (sp?) 265x7/5/4
    d. Explosive Side-to-Side Pushups 12/10
    a. Decline Skull Crushers to forehead (E-Z Bar) 85x10/10 95x6
    b. Partial Dips (Top half of movement) 1x12/11/13
    c. V-Bar Extension drop-set 95x3>3>3>4>5>6>10

    Nixed the shoulders workout. I'll actually be reformatting my schedule as I troubleshooted my lack of strength progression in the area a bit ago by upping the frequency and cutting down a bit on the volume (cut out "shoulders day" and threw it in with both chest & tri and legs with squat presses as a compromise). Apparently a decent amount of people undertrain their shoulders; I soon found I am not one of them. My shoulder portion of the workouts lagged way behind their potential so I decided to lay off of them for a bit.

    : N/A Same weights as I'd expect to use.. didn't go up any differently than what I'd expect.
    Muscle Density/Hardness: N/A Nothing yet.
    Size: N/A

    I noticed a funny thing about Sub-Ecdy the first day I dosed it. I normally have a lot of plaque on the backside of the lower row of my front two teeth that I can't to anything about. Floss hardly helps the situation as it can't get the whole back of the tooth so it just reaccumulates the next day, so much so that I can't feel the indent between the two teeth (it doesn't look gross or anything though lol.) To my surprise, Sub-Ecdy obliterated the plaque and I can now feel the indent again. This couldn't hurt my enamel, could it?

  10. good observation and question, look forward to hearing more

  11. Quote Originally Posted by panther77 View Post
    good observation and question, look forward to hearing more
    wow! haha interesting! need Eric to answer this

  12. Subbed!!

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  13. Well, this sucks. My spray nozzle went weak on me and cannot give a full 1 ml spray anymore. I'll post my workout from yesterday and today later, decided to give shoulders its own day again (Friday).

  14. To counteract the spray problem, I'm now filling about 3/5 of the underside fastener which feels approximately the same in my mouth as the 4 sprays.

    Thursday's Workout

    Jump Squats (to prime CNS)- Before each squat set, 45x5, 20 sec. break before squat.
    Squats - 315x6/6 325x5/4
    Hex-Bar Deadlift - 385x5/5/5
    Prone Leg Curls - 185x10x1 205x7x1 210x5/5
    Leg Extensions (hypertrophy-oriented) - 180x15x2 185x15x1
    Calf Press (on leg press machine) - 285x12x2 305x8x1
    Calf Burnouts (quick jumps only using the calves, explode back up as soon as ball of foot hits the ground) 2x75
    Rope-pull Accentuated Crunch 45 degrees - @ res. "5" 10/8/8
    Torso Rotation Machine - 170x10/10 180x7/8
    Knees-Up, Torso @ ~35 degrees side-to-side heel touches (don't know what to call this...) 25/side x 3

    Strength - N/A Still same weights & feel.
    Muscle Density/Hardness - Noticed quite a definitive hardness Thursday in the upper portion of my pecs, despite having not lifted chest in a couple days. When flaring my lats I notice a little larger bulge mostly in the top portion of the lat. I like it
    Size - Wish I had a scale in my college apartment so I could tell, might be up a pound or two. Likely a product of glycogen compensation.

    Will get pictures up as soon as possible. Cameras eat up these AA's like a fat kid eats cake, will be going to the store Sunday to re-up on some lithium batteries. Need to scour the campus for a Kodak Easyshare upload cord as well.

  15. Didn't want to go too heavy on the volume as I've lately been thinking my shoulders are just tired (would be the first thing to tire when doing pushups). Gave them a healthy dose of recovery time (~1 week since directly training them last).

    Friday's Workout
    Overhead Press - 135x8/7/6 Stopped the exercise short of a fourth set as my form was going to **** and I thought I was going to pop a blood vessel going for the sixth rep in my last set. Performed the rest of the workout before hitting another overhead exercise last in the workout.
    Leaning Lateral DB Raises - 25x10x3
    E-Z Bar Front Raises - 65x10 75x6/5
    DB Rear Delt Raises - 25x10/10/9
    Seated DB Press (super strict form first set) - 60x10/9/8 Last few reps of the second and third set began to be a stretch. Still got them all the way to completion, but again thought I was going to screw my back up on the last rep with how much I started to arch.

    Strength - N/A Same old same old.
    Muscle Density/Hardness - ? Hard to tell as the muscle fibers of the shoulders have a lot more give to them than pretty much every other muscle group. At least for me.
    Size - N/A

  16. Great observations, Brightside. We really appreciate the great log you're running.

  17. Thanks man! More than happy to.

  18. Skipped Saturday's lift as my shoulders were uber sore from Friday's workout and felt that next week's workouts would be far more fulfilling if I gave myself a bit of a break. Sunday's workout was pretty straightforward, wanted to hit the same exercises as last core workout. Felt great last time.
    Sunday's Workout
    Rope-pull Accentuated Crunch 45 degrees - @ res. "5" 10/8/8
    Torso Rotation Machine - 170x10/10 180x7/8
    Knees-Up, Torso @ ~35 degrees side-to-side heel touches (don't know what to call this...) 25/side x 3
    *Added: Planks- 3 sets by 90 secs.

    Strength: N/A No strength-oriented lifts over this two-day span.
    Muscle Density/Hardness: Abs are disappearing slightly due to the reintroduction of carbs; perhaps they'd be even less apparent if it weren't for the aid of Sub-Ecdy. Of course this is just speculation.
    Size: Hard to tell if I've put on any weight, maybe another pound or two. I'll post new weight after coming home Wednesday night.

  19. Monday's Workout
    Back, as per Christian Thibadeau's recommendations
    Isometric Pullups 20 secsx1/1/1/1 Rest 2 Min
    Arc Decline DB Rows 80 lbs. x12/90 lbs. x8x2 Rest 2 Min
    Seated Iso-Dynamic Rows (Hold peak contraction for 12s/9s/7s/5/3/1 x2 sets) @ res. 10
    Iso-Dynamic Lat Pulldown (exact same weights and instructions)
    Small Straight BB Curl 21's (is the bar 25 or 35 lbs? if 25... 75x7/7/7x3)
    Dual Low Cable Biceps Curl (lean forward, form and isolation intensive) @ res. 4x12 (way too light, set of res. 5x4 directly afterwards) res. 5 x 9/9
    *Supersetted after 21's 30 lbs. x6/5/4

    Strength: 7/10 Biceps are definitely getting stronger. I'm adding Supercissus into the mix because my wrists are absolute ****, and say what you want about direct arm training but I believe it's completely necessary, at least once a week.
    Muscle density/hardness: 10/10 Still the most noticeable effect of the Sub Ecdy IMO. Biceps are gorged with blood and are hard as hell. Lats again are pretty rock hard. Vascularity in forearms was flat-out ridiculous post-workout. It should be noted this workout was performed with <25g carbs in my system for the entire day, as I like to use Geranium and Caffeine on not exactly an empty stomach but definitely not full.
    Size: Unsure of change.

  20. A quick note:

    I stated in Panther's log that lately DOMS has been kicking my ass, though it truly isn't even delayed. Directly after my last few workouts I've felt like toast. My lats have been screaming for a day and a half now and my chest feels like it's going to tear apart in the uppermost corners. For god sake, my shoulders are sore after my chest workout (front delts, presumably from stabilizing at the top prior to unracking and racking the BB, and maybe wide stance Ex. pushups). Anyways, today's workout went well. I smashed my 75 lbs PR on Incline DB Press as you'll see in a moment:
    Tuesday's Workout
    a. Flat Bench Press 205x6/6/5/4/4
    b. Incline Dumbell Press 75x9/7/6/5 *PR
    c. Wide Explosive Side-to-Side Pushups (12/side x 3)
    a. Full-Range Dips BWX15 BW+20 lbs. x8x2 BW+25 lbs. x6
    b. Mid-undergrip tricep pulldowns (lat pulldown bar)- @res. 9x12 @res. 10x9/8
    c. Rope Pulldowns (unmarked weight stack unfortunately) x8/6/6/4

    Strength: 9/10 2 more reps on incline DB press is fantastic news.
    Muscle Density/Hardness: 10/10 Feeling jacked. Vascularity in shoulders remain present despite slight bloat/fat gain.
    Size: Still unable to tell.

  21. Nice numbers man! The updates are great too, great feedback! Keep going

    SNS - Serious Nutrition Solutions
    My advice is exclusively my own and may not correspond with the views of SNS
    Questions or concerns? → conny[@]

  22. Thanks man, that's good to hear! Time to make up for some lost time..

    - Off. Sleep still rough. Still slightly sore on Thanksgiving.
    Thursday - Couldn't find much to do, and didn't have any time to map out a plan really (went from eating to sleeping right back to eating with little time in between to pull something off). In between two different thanksgiving dinners, did some of the most ghetto pullups on the most makeshift of "bars" (a tree limb, ). Directly after that I did some sledgehammer swings into a log. Really didn't want to have to revert to the traditional push-ups/sit-ups at home workout, so I did what I could with limited time & materials.
    *Used Anabolic Pump before each meal to minimize guilt.

  23. Friday
    Overhead Press 125x3 135x3 140x3/3/3/3/2 Tried to get to eight sets of three but my strength endurance just couldn't handle it. Dropped to 115 and repped weight as quickly as possible with perfect form
    Overhead Press 115x5/5/5/5/5
    Joints and wrists feel awful again. Dosing SuperCissus Rx 5x daily now.

    Strength - N/A Lacked the strength endurance to complete the workout, but is understandable as I haven't done a high-volume shoulders routine since HS football '09. I plan on getting a few more reps next week using this as a foundation.
    Muscle Density/Hardness - Still solid despite imminent fat gain Thursday. Weighed myself right when I got home Wednesday, and was 187. I'm sure I'm at least 190, 191 now.
    Size - Up 5-6 lbs. Bloat evident, will get a more accurate measure after today's workout.


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