First M-Drol cycle (Critique Welcome)

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  1. there it is!!!! HAHAHAH M-DROL FOR THE WIN hahah make sure you keep the eating up and also. . . .take a couple days off!!! that should help as well. . . alot of the lethargic is from you CNS. . .hahah working out everyday is very hard on the CNS. .. your muscles are recovery but again you Central Nervous System isn't hahah. . .. other than that its like i said 2nd week is when it gets insane!!!
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  2. any updates n e one??
    Your Competitive Advantage
    Lift Smart, Lift Hard, Lift For a Lifetime

  3. the rage is not "roid rage" or any type of androgen aggression, its your natural T shutting down causing you to be grumpy and moody.

    this is why people get letharic and loose their libido....make sure you get plenty of sleep and try to keep the pills away from your evening, hopefully this will allow your hpta to maybe jumpstart somewhat at night and at least allow your adrenal's to reset somewhat. I made the mistake of taking M-drol under way to stressful environment last year and it drove me straight down into the ground.



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