USP LABS O-E-P and JACK3D review

  1. USP LABS O-E-P and JACK3D review

    my first thought of this stuff was it was going to be another crappy drink that only got me hyped cause of the ****ty taste. but from the first dose i was amazed not only does this get me hyped and focused it taste great with no bloating. that was 3months ago and 3 tubs down and i have no idea if i will ever stop i love this stuff.... well anything from USPLABS is great i cant wait for the IC hook up with the new O-E-P that will be a deal of a lifetime.. I have a VIP bottle and let me tell you that only after a couple days my pants are feeling looser and my arms and chest are getting bigger and ripped great combo THIS STUFF IS THE REAL DEAL WITH A GOOD DIET AND EXERCISE PLAN THE RESULTS ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD... and remember the only to get this is to.......
    Join the Inner circle at Bodybuilding Supplements – Sports Supplements by USPLabs Direct and be the first to receive the fat destroying euphoric stimulant before it hits the market at an absolutely unbelievable price. No Spam just deals and The last IC release we offered Jack3d for $14.99 before it hit the market – don’t miss out…

  2. Today woke up took 1 oep got ready for gym slamed back a scoop of jack3d and was off to the gym.... had killer arm work out I hit the weights like a mad man ppl staring at me like I was juicein hahahah I was sweatin my ass off by now them ran bout 2miles decent pace not too crazy then hit abs felt like I could of stayed in gym forever but it was time to leave.... great stuff USP you guys are amazing I will no doubt cut body fat while adding muscle and set new PR's

  3. Sick chest day sweat was insane and focus was off the scale and power is still there even though I'm cutting b/f this stuff only attacks fat and you add muscle even on a diet

  4. Had to take aday off from the gym my body has been non stop from the frist dose of O-E-P getting leaner and more tighter by the day great ****
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    Quote Originally Posted by clemente13 View Post
    Had to take aday off from the gym my body has been non stop from the frist dose of O-E-P getting leaner and more tighter by the day great ****
    It is a daily a change....

  6. Cant wait to start my bottle

  7. Cant wait to start my bottle

  8. Sorry I have not posted on here for the last week this stuff O-E-P is some good stuff you have to drag me out of the gym everyday cardio is way up as well ran for 30mins good pace yesterday it felt like 5mins could of went longer. I love you guys USP can't wait for my prime×2 to get here so I can throw that in after my cut. Also 1 recreate and O-E-P pre fasted w/o along with jack3d and some bcaa this stuff is out of this world

  9. Reached new pr on bench and squat.... my body is getting tighter by the day and more defined..... I love this S**t

  10. Still going strong


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