dirty, filthy, NASTY~MASS

  1. dirty, filthy, NASTY~MASS

    Time to get nasty!

    So its time to do my first log here on AM, and i hope this can be as informative as possible. My main goal on this cycle is to pack on all the weight i possibly can throw on my frame. i have been scrawny for 22 years of my life and only till recently broke through the 20y/o with the highschool freshman body.

    Current stats: Im 24, 5'11, 200lbs and probly near 15%bf as i have been stuffing my face since my last cycle.

    Past Supps: 3ad/massfx, epistane, 1-t tren, and basically every other creatine, protein, and pre/post workout mix ever.

    nastymass: 3 everyday for weeks 1-5.
    formestane: rec dose for weeks 2-5
    cycle assist: rec dose through cycle and pct
    clomid/nolva and recycle for pct

    Goal: To get huge! I was stuck at 165 pounds till about a year ago when i realized that fat people get fat by eating constantly, so i decided to try it out, and just not be lazy and eat junk, but lift, eat rich heavy food, sleep, and gained about 30 pounds in only 5 months. So im gonna keep with the same concept of stuffing my face all day, and lifting hard with the help of nastymass.

  2. ***reserved for training and diet***

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