Chan is movin' on up♂!

  1. Cool Chan is movin' on up♂!

    What's good AM? Just received my bottle of HGHup♂ this afternoon, so I figured I'd try and give some feedback during the next 30 days or so.

    I've never really run a log of any kind before so this might be a little choppy and unorganized ... but I figure "why not?"

    So...a little bit about me....

    I'm 20 years old, 5'11" at about 175-178lbs depending on the day.
    I've been lifting seriously for about 3 years now with a pretty consistent diet of whole grains/lean meats/fruits & veggies when i can (generally 5-6 meals per day).

    I'm a full time college student and also work about 20 hours per week so my schedule can be a bit hectic.

    I'm currently resistance training 3-4 days a week looking to gain strength and size if it'll come. I generally hit the gym around 8:45-9:00 PM which is when i get off work.

    Current supplements to be run WITH HGHup♂:
    Orange Triad (Throughout the day)
    Fish Oils (Morning and night)
    Milk Thistle (morning)
    AllTheWhey Isolate (Pre and post)
    NP Brand Creatine Mono (Post)
    WMS Carbs (Pre and post)
    Other Supps:
    P-Slin (Pre-workout only)
    3/4 bottle of DRIVE left (Morning and pre-workout)
    White Flood (Pre-workout only)
    I think that's it ATM...

    My diet will probably NOT be logged due to crazy schedule, but rest assured I make the best of what I have available! Also I might steal some of the formatting from the sponsored HGHup♂ logs I've been watching as far as effects!

    Goals on this stack are improved sleep, and hopefully gain some serious strength!

    Hopefully I'll be able to provide some pictures as well...anyway...tomorrow will be my first day taking HGHup♂...and it's also chest/shoulder daymy favorite!

    Any questions/suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated...but that's it for now. Follow along if ya want!

  2. Hey all, I've got a couple quick questions if an AppNut rep wouldn't mind helping me out...
    1) My pre workout routine usually goes something like this, let's assume I'm lifting at 9:00 PM: 7:15 - 1 cap P-Slin..7:30 protein/carb shake...8:30 - flood. What would be the best way to rearrange this with HGHup and DRIVE since they're both supposed to be taken on an empty stomach if I understand correctly.
    2) Since I lift around 9...would it still be alright to take one dose pre workout then another before bed or should i spread it out more?

    Thank you

    *side note: AppNut has the sickest bottle/pill combinations ever, haha.

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