1. Piracetam

    I have been dying to try this product ever since I first heard about it being mentioned here on AM, and "Smeton's Piracetam log" just sold me on the product. I must admit though the constant praise I kept reading from a number of sources: studies, Wikipedia, and even Pubmed all made this product sound like a godsend.

    • Primaforce's Piracetam
      • The dose I am following is 3 grams.
        • Once in the morning and another dose at night.

    • VitaminShoppe Choline Supplement
      • 310 MG Capsule
        • Once in the morning.

    First Impressions:
    Piracetam has a pretty odd taste, no flavoring or anything is added, so you are essentially tasting the basic composition of the supplement. I start out simply mixing the dosage into a small glass of water, swirling it a bit to make sure all the particles are suspended and taking it straight down. I found the taste tolerable at first. Eventually I started adding a small amount of Pomegranate juice to the water in order to mask the flavor of the supplement and it helped. Right now, however, I have moved to simply taking the powder by mouth and washing it down with water, swooshing around a bit to make sure every bit of piracetam enters my stomach and eventually is absorbed into my system. By now the flavor does not really bother all that much, so I do not really worry about masking it.

    As for choline, the product I bought had the supplement capsuled by 310 MG, in total 100 in the container, so I never really have to experience the taste. Though the smell, especially when you just open the bottle, does resemble a strong scent that closely resembles that of fish oil supplements. This as well is pretty tolerable and I am pretty happy with it.


    When first starting this "stack", on the 20th, I was sure that I would be experiencing some form of "placebo effect", so I was not too quick to credit everything I would experience towards the supplement actually working. When first taking the supplement I did not experience any "negative" effects like odd perspiration, digestive problems, or even sleeplessness for that matter; everything just went through fine without any problems. The first few days did feel like I would receive a rush of euphoria each time I took the dose of the Piracetam+Choline, I just attributed that to the same effect you get when you take an Advil and you start feeling better even before it actually gets absorbed into your bloodstream, basically placebo. So by this logic I started feeling "improvements" almost instantly. But to be honest, it did take at least a couple days to finally see some confirmation of actual non-placebo results.

    I tried to pay close attention to how I felt when I just woke up, before I would start thinking to remember to take the dose that morning so as to avoid any form of placebo-mindset from developing. What I noticed was that I did in fact start feeling improvements of cognitive clarity. This followed day after day, even till now, where regardless of how much sleep I had the night before I still would awake the following morning with greater sense of mental clarity, as though my mind was completely rested and ready for any tasks to complete. There were even cases where the rest of my body was still physically tired and yet my mind was clear as a whistle whether it was day or late night studying. It was as thought my mind was constantly awake and was ready to perform and perceive any information at any given time. It almost felt like my brain just chugged a dozen of cans of Red Bull, yet when I did decide to go to sleep it completely accepted that fact and I could sleep just fine without any problems. It was like I would physically react to fatigue a lot sooner than my mind would, "Really, you want to sleep? Why not do some more studying? It's only 3 in the morning!"

    It was actually a pretty welcoming experience, especially with things like class work and studying.

    With situations like classes and studying I did find myself experiencing something people often refer to "tunnel vision". It felt as though I could easily focus on literally anything, and what that thing was had my full undivided attention. I could even start doing something else and even thinking about something else, usually related, and still had like a strong attention to what I was focusing originally. Sort of like how I writing paragraphs upon paragraphs...for a log. Sorry if you are still reading this, here have a cookie!

    So while there is still a good chance I am still experiencing symptoms of the placebo-effect there are some things that I am kind of confident are the direct result of the piracetam it self.

    While overall I have found improvements in terms of focus, even to the point where I could sit there an start analyzing my memories from years before. And not in the terms of "I wish I should have done something differently, better, etc." but actually just seeing and understanding those situations from a number of perspectives and understanding the finer detail. I actually found that by doing this, it seemed to have buried quite a lot of memories I just could not seem to just say "Yes, things were different back then. Move on!". So this improved ability of having dead-focus on literally anything, is oh my, just a welcoming improvement that I believe is actually something that piracetam actually did add, not just a placebo.

    As for taking this supplement during the night, I found significant improvements in that area as well. I did hear about people actually having the reverse effect and actually having it affect their sleep to the point of sleeplessness. I actually found myself able to fall asleep a lot quicker and actually feel a lot more rested afterward, even when I do not get enough sleep that night. Of course I would still feel physically tired a bit if I did not have enough of sleep, as expected, but try telling that to my brain, apparently it is still in all of it's clarity the way it was the night before. I even found myself experiencing a lot more dreams, I guess ones that people usually refer to as a "lucid". They seem to show a lot more complexity and provide an interesting and rather detailed experience, almost life-like and quite believable. I guess this is not something as important as experiencing the benefits of focus and clarity when you are actually awake and need to do stuff that technically matter more, but nonetheless it sure does make an everyday task like sleeping a lot interesting and definitely something to look forward to. I do not really think about these dreams and the scenarios that I might want to see in them before I go to sleep, so there might be some possibility that it actually it yet something else that the supplement it self actually improved in my cognitive system. Welcoming improvement as well and I do hope it continues and even gets better.

    I do not really have any results in form of exams yet, from which I could see a more "credible" evidence that my attention and focus did improve in cases like studying and listening to lectures. But I will try to keep that updated, especially as things most likely will continue to change and improve as I further progress in taking this combination of supplements, piracetam and choline.

    The only other difference that I can attribute in terms of physical effects is that the supplement Choline might have in some way modified my body odor. This is not really anything I would personally consider a "negative" since I do not really have a body odor problem to begin with. So continuing the same normal deodorant I have been using before the stack works just fine. Interesting change, but not really a problem and not something that changes my opinion of the product. But other than that I do not think I have experienced any effects that I can specifically attribute to Choline. But as something that is suppose to work in cooperation with Piracetam, I am assuming it is doing what ever it needs to just fine since I my experience with this stack, even to this day, has been very positive, even if there is a chance that the placebo-effect did, and likely still continues, to play a role.

    I still am holding a fair amount of confidence that as time progresses that significant cognitive and overall well-being improvements will continue to flourish, and hopefully it will all be more than a placebo.

  2. I too am interested in this product. Is it a drug? Any sides?

  3. I was not particullary satisfied with my current results, in terms of academical improvements. There were signs of improvement in terms of comprehension and understanding, but none of which I would consider as all that drastic. I guess I should not really be excpecting some miracle results in only a week of using this product, and I did notice that most of the effects that I noted did start appearing to their significant state only a while ago. So while a bit disappointed, I guess it might just be the result of the timing at this particular moment.

    So with that, I have decided to increase my dosage from 3g of piracetam to 9g, an amount I read that some actually would start with and would go back to a lower dose after some time. I will continue taking it twice a day, morning and night, so no change there. And as for Choline, I will continue taking it as is since I do not really see the benefit of increasing that dose(Unless someone can recommend otherwise). I guess starting from 3g in a way prepared my body, so I am hoping this will be a welcoming change.

    So from now on and I guess until I feel comfortable with lowering the dose it will be as followed,

    Piractetam - 9g, twice a day(dose in the morning and night)
    Choline - (unchanged)

    I really hope the increase in dosage will be a significant improvement over the 3g one. While I am not expecting anything drastic of course, any amount of improvements whether small or large will definitely be welcomed.

  4. 9 grams, I hope...not mg?
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    9 grams, I hope...not mg?
    Haha, yeah I meant to say grams.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by noot View Post
    Haha, yeah I meant to say grams.
    Working already.

    Are you incorporating a huperzine/Vinpocetine combo along with the Choline? I highly recommend this as your next addition.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Working already.

    Are you incorporating a huperzine/Vinpocetine combo along with the Choline? I highly recommend this as your next addition.
    Do you mean both the huperzine and the vinprocetine? If so, in addition to the piracetam and the choline, should all work nicely together?

    Any specific dose recommendations?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by noot View Post
    Do you mean both the huperzine and the vinprocetine? If so, in addition to the piracetam and the choline, should all work nicely together?

    Any specific dose recommendations?
    about 25mcg of Huperzine (be sure to account for percentage...this would be 500mcg of 5%)
    14-20mg of Vinpocetine.
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  9. Not really anything new to add. The placebo seemed to have slowed down a bit, I still feel sense of improved clarity...

    I just got Lucidrol in the mail today, so I am going to see how well that works along this stack...
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