Im going to try not to break any rules here, but im trying to get some valid, and up to date information in regards to legal supplements. I would be interested in anything on the market at all anabolic in structure, but from what ive been gathering myself, there has been many changes to the laws up until even 04; banning substances chemically similar to anything anabolic. Ive read about superdrol, but im seriously doubting its still legal. I am not personally familiar with any steroids-legal-or illegal, and have never used any with or stacked with anything else. Im looking to make some solid gains, and the RIGHT way, so thats why im asking for the help. Not looking to rush into anything, just looking for any helpful information that can help me get to where id like to be, safely, and legally. If anyone has any specific information, or experience about any supplements, stacks, or even just some clarification about superdrol, id appreciate it.
(btw; im 23, & 185 with a belly to burn. looking to put on lean muscle mass, while losing or converting the existing fat. Ive done my research on diet, and protein intake, but its the supplements/anabolics i have no direct experience with)