I have just finished my tube of Sustain Alpha...

What is it?

* Increased testosterone production
* Tremendous influence over body composition, mental performance, the immune system, cholesterol levels, and sexual performance
* Increase virility, erectile function, and influences prostate health

For write-up see Primordial Performance - Sustain Alpha.

Smell: 5/10. Sustain Alpha smells like a mix of herbs and something else. Not an unpleasant smell, but not the best, either.

Feel: 8/10. Sustain Alpha is non-greasy. There was no tingling, warming, or iciness on application.

Spreadability: 10/10. Sustain Alpha spread over and into my skin quite well. There was no residue after application. Each pump covered quite a large area and with 5 pumps I was able to easily cover my entire body except my breasts (I did not want Sustain Alpha on them).

Testosterone Levels: N/A. Although I would have liked to see the changes in my hormone levels from pre to post-Sustain Alpha, I was not able to get bloods done this time.

Body Composition: 8/10. Pre-Sustain Alpha I was 53.81kg (i.e. 118.4lb) at 15% bodyfat (BF). Post-Sustain Alpha I am 54.64kg (i.e. 120.2lb) at 11.8% BF. Although I GAINED 0.82kg (i.e. 1.8lb), I LOST 3.2% BF. This means that I LOST 1.63kg (i.e. 3.5784lb) of BF and GAINED 2.44kg (i.e. 5.3764lb) of lean body mass. Most noticeable is the loss in BF from back and midsection. Muscle mass gains are obvious in shoulders, arms, and legs. Girths remained UNchanged from pre to post-Sustain Alpha...Please note that I was also using White Flood during my use of Sustain Alpha, and was gradually building back up to Maintenance training levels over that period, which could have contributed to these results...However, despite that, this is the most successful recomp I have ever done.

Mental Performance: 9/10. Mental Performance has been pretty good whilst on Sustain Alpha. I have had a lot on my plate re this area and was highly stressed for the first few weeks of using Sustain Alpha, but I have managed to get all done as required and to a high standard.

Immune System: N/A. During the period that I was using Sustain Alpha I had to have a few immunizations done and I experienced a few minor reactions to a couple of them. The reactions did not last long. My sleeping patterns have not helped in this area, though...I would have to have had blood tests pre and post-Sustain Alpha, as well as pre and post each immunization, to see whether or not the product made a difference here.

Cholesterol Levels: N/A. Although I would have liked to see if there were any changes in my cholesterol (LDL, HDL, and Total) levels from pre to post-Sustain Alpha, I was not able to get bloods done this time. Please note that I was using Krillpid Balance throughout the entire use of Sustain Alpha to help balance my cholesterol levels.

Sexual Performance: N/A. I cannot really make any comments here, as when I first started Sustain Alpha I was not having sex, nor had I ever had it. I was married ~2 weeks into my use of Sustain Alpha, and even then, I have nothing to compare re sex to pre-Sustain Alpha.

Virility, Erectile Function, and Prostate Health: N/A. This does NOT apply to me, as I am NOT a male!

Other Notes: I noticed on warmer days or when I got heated quite easily, that Sustain Alpha sometimes left a yellow stain on my white clothes (and this was well after I had showered and applied it)...At 5 pumps an application Sustain Alpha is meant to last 23 applications. However, at 5 pumps an application my tube lasted 33 applications, which is quite a bit more than it said it would.

Overall: 8/10. I enjoyed my time on Sustain Alpha. Although I was using other products, the period that I used Sustain Alpha over was the most successful recomp period that I have ever done; and by this I mean that I gained lean mass and lost BF at a ratio of 1.5:1, which is a lot better than usual, where I normally gain reasonable lean mass and only lose a minute amount of BF. Not to mention that at 5 days on/2 days off Sustain Alpha lasts me 6.5 weeks, making it quite affordable to use.

Would I use it again? Yes. This is the perfect addition to a natural Growth Hormone and Testosterone boosting stack, and I was actually using several different such products during my time with it.

Would I recommend? Yes. Sustain Alpha would make a great addition to a natural testosterone boosting stack, or as part of PCT. It's also fine for females to use.

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