Flex's New Shock Absorbers with LG's Joint Repair (Sponsored)

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  1. Flex's New Shock Absorbers with LG's Joint Repair (Sponsored)

    Special thanks to LG for letting me give this a go.

    What you need to know: I work hard, play hard. I'm on my feet alot, up and down stairs frequently, squat and leg press heavy, play basketball twice a week when my knees are up to it.

    Follow me and as I give my experiences and my experiences coupled with the product.

    I have the bottle in my possession and will start Monday!

    God Bless..

  2. Getting ready to start "Ultimate Joint Repair". Tomorrow I'll start 4 pill/day for first 7 days and increase to 6 pill/day. I'll be taking 1 with breakfast, 1 at lunch, 1 Post WO, and 1 before bed.

    I'm expecting very positive results!

  3. subbed! interested to see the difference between 4 and 6 caps a day

  4. As planned, took my pills throughout the day. As expected no real results yet after day one. Will resume workouts tomorrow.

  5. Alright. Day 2.

    Very optimistic here. I woke up feeling better. It was a cold morning here and usually I'm pretty creaky upon getting outta bed. Well I was pleasantly surprised things improved already.

    Now while at work, I did alot of stooping, squatting. Very much bearable. I was happy there.

    Workout after work. LEGS! I'm pretty stoked, I was able to do hacks. Hacks tear my knees up! I was able to get 3 sets in there. Sqautted and also leg pressed. While I still have issues, the pain wasnt as sharp and was very much bearable.

    I'm pretty enthused to see what later this week will bring and next week when I up dosage. So far so good fellaz. This is gonna be the real deal, I can tell. My knees wont allow a placebo to work..for sure.

    Very happy LG! Can't wait till I'm a week in!

  6. very tru. this is one type of product where placebo effect doesnt work very well. ive been pain free for a few days and lovin it

  7. Fellaz do yourself a favor and mark this in as a 'must try' if you have joint issues. I'm in my 3rd day and had to post this I felt so good this morning even after leg day.

    Another major hurdle will be when I play basketball. We'll see how it holds up with all the sustained running, jumping, cutting. More to come!

  8. Benched heavy 2nite. No issues with elbows or shoulders.

    Knees still feel good, not achy or pulsating or creaky. I'm still smilin!

    BTW, just to give a little backround. I've been diagnosed with patella tendonitis, need rehab, blah blah. Now I certainly haven't rehabbed. Smart, no, but I can't quit my sports and I can't quit workin my lower body. Just can't do it. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees. K, bad analogy, but you get the point!

    My upcoming workout will be another small test. I do cleans which put me in a somewhat bent stance with heavy weight.

    My overall goal is to do normal activities like walking down stairs without the railing and without pain. Being able to squat down at work and not feel like I need help from someone. It's really that bad. I still play ball, wrap up when I play and still come away pretty beat up. Well I'm hoping I can get some remedy here. So far this supp has done a good job improving with daily activities. Next week I'm going to try and turn it up and leg press big, maybe even squat big. Stay tuned...

    Sub this thread if you want to be impressed..I can feel only good things coming from this supp.

  9. hey man, i've been playing volleyball for about 12 years so i have similar knee problems, but this fixed a lot of my issues
    i got this off a physio mate, he explained how it works but i've since forgotten - i think it strengthens the patella tendon

    basically you're eccentrically loading with one leg
    on the leg press, set the weight to 40-60% of normal
    with one foot on the plate, bring it down slowly, then push up with both legs
    i usually try to do 30 per side broken up into 10s

    anyway if you chuck this in twice a week you should notice a difference. my knees are more 'background' now than prohibitive so it's worth a shot

    subbed and looking forward to seeing how this product goes!

  10. Thanks for the tip friend. I'll certainly give it a shot!

  11. Day 5, still feelin good! Dose is going up come Sunday to 6 caps a day. While I feel good..I want to feel better. I want to see if we can get to no pain at all whatsoever. Tall task, but man so far so good!

  12. Hmm, i should jump up to 6 caps to test it. Im just gonna be extra sad when it runs out

  13. Week 2 starts tomorrow, but I'm upping dose today to 6 caps until the bottle is gone.

    Week 1 review - Joints have felt better, period. Are they healed, course not. Is mobility better? Yes. Is recovery better? Yes.

    I even added some exercises to my routine that I haven't been able to attempt because of the pain. I didn't get to do my normal 2 days on the basketball court for personal reasons, but this upcoming week with additional dosage should be fun to guage how well this product is really working.

    Stay tuned...

  14. Whatup yall!? Yo, still feelin great! This stuff works guys. I've taken Cissus and that worked after a period of time for me but this has kicked in much faster for me.

    My heavy benching takes a toll on my shoulders and elbows. Well, no issues there.

    My knees which are the worst still have some creakiness, but lemme tell you, this is helping for sure. I can do an a$$ to ground squat and be okay. This was difficult just 1.5 wks ago.

    Tomorrow is legs and I'm going to push hard and go deeper than normal to see whats up!

  15. Okay. Dream's over. Tore my ACL, MCL goin a$$ to floor.

    J/k!! Now that I have your attention, here's the scoop. Sometimes you need to take a step back to move 2 steps forward. Today was one of those days.

    Today, LEG day. I was able to start off pretty strong doing hacks and doing them w/o lockout. Plenty of stress there, but I pulled it off.

    My workout today was:

    Hacks 3x10 90lbs- No lockout, No wraps. 2 second pauses at parallel. Good for blood flow

    Leg press -
    1x10 450
    1x10 630
    1x06 720
    1x06 810

    Leg Extensions - No lockout at the top. 3x10 150lbs

    I couldnt do more. My knees ache at the moment. I'm not really dissapointed. I didn't expect magic here, the supplement has helped taking the initial pain away. Upon my postworkout shake, I dosed my normal 2 pills. The question now is, how quickly can I recover. How will I feel tomorrow? We shall see...stay tuned yall..

  16. Ok yall, great news. My knees ached after yesterdays workout. Usually they pulsate and ache. Very bothersome.

    Well today, this morning my knees felt good again. As if I didn't work them the previous day. I went up and down stairs with no pain. Im really liking that! This is great news and am very encouraged. This stuff works yall! I'm hopin this comes out soon so I can keep on it...

  17. hahah you cheeky prick i was like "ohhh **** poor dude" when i read the first line of that post


    keep updating man i'm really really interested to see how this goes!

  18. Today I felt good yet again. This is becoming redundant..Seriously..

    I dont know what it is either, but I feel much more stable. Not sure how to describe it but I like it. Tomorrow if it rains here, Ill be playing indoor ball for a 3 hr session. This'll tear em back up. We'll see how it goes...

  19. Quote Originally Posted by elshano View Post
    hahah you cheeky prick i was like "ohhh **** poor dude" when i read the first line of that post


    keep updating man i'm really really interested to see how this goes!
    BWHAHAHA!! I am a [email protected] for sure!

  20. Runnin low on the caps, I think this'll be the last week. I'd love to keep takin the product for sure. The added 'secure' feeling everyday had me ecstatic on its own. The only exercises I had problem with my joints were legs. Leg day has certainly improved. I didnt get to play ball this week, they had the court closed to re-finish it. Go figure.

    There was a point where I couldnt train legs at all. 1 set of squats would flare my knees right up. Well I've got through my workouts and even added some exercises. After my workout, my knees did ache but recovery was fast.

    So far Im impressed, we'll see what the last week offers.

  21. subbed
    Body Performance Solutions
    Home: http://bpsnutrition.net/
    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  22. As someone who hasn't been able to play basketball for 30 months because of knee pain, I'm interested how these help in that respect...

  23. Metroba, thx bro.

    Str1, I'll make sure I get in the gym and do some serious work. I do wear chopat straps to help as well. I'll keep it all updated here. Thx for inquiring.

  24. Great thanks.. good log otherwise man..

    I'm currently taking Animal Flex, but I'm not sure which part of it is helping the most. I have a problem with hard surfaces, but I do train judo/bjj and my knees are mostly fine with the mats. Basketball/badminton is still something I miss a lot, haven't played really since my injuries in 2007.

    Look forward to the rest of the log, and reading more on this new supp when it gets released :-)

  25. Alright, finally got into the gym; the basketball court that is. So here's the deal. I'm going to try and paint a picture for the viewers on how I play.

    First and foremost, I'm big, wide, but small height wise for basketball but the guys I play with I'm always playing power forward. I surprise with my quickness for my size, I'm a big linebacker. I give pretty much all I have, alot of heart, and when im huffin a puffin I try harder no matter how sloppy it looks. I sprint on my give and gos and I jump like a gadget jumper.

    With all that said, how did the supplement help during and or after?> Did it help at all?

    Well, my knees felt good going in. I was very optimistic. After my first game, I heated up and felt good still. After my 2nd, 3rd, 4th though things started hurting again. I kind of expected it. I weigh alot, and I burn for that ball like no other. After my 2nd game, I started getting that loose feeling, kinda like when your shoes are tight and secure and then they loosen to where you need to tie them; thats how my knee felt after a couple games in succession. This is normal for me unfortunately. Now, I'm home, dosed 2 pills. Usually the next day, I'm crippled. I can only do 1 step at a time up and down stairs. We'll see how my recovery goes. I'd be thrilled if I can get up and go this Saturday.

    Today was a testament to the effectiveness of the supplement. I played a game pretty much pain free. I've not been able to do that for years. While the pain quickly came back, I wasn't expecting miracles. I've had the condition for 4 years now. I can't relinquish my sports because of pain. I may regret it in the future, but my passion for competition still boils in me.

    Lastly, I think im going to bridge this supplement with some bulk cissus I have. When the formula hits the market, I'd like to resume taking it. I want to see the results after long term use, not 3-4 weeks. The supplement has helped me in baby steps, which is fine, my joints are beaten up and im not easy on them. Tomorrow I resume strength training, most likely chest, tris, so I shouldnt have issues at the gym but we'll check to see how everyday activities are after intense ball the nite before.

    Tune to the same channel tomorrow for future episodes...........


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