I finally used the bottle of Cre-02 that has been patiently waiting amongst my "to be used" supplement stash since December 2008...

What is it?


* 100% stable and absorbable
* Zero side effects
* Maximize strength
* Increase oxygen utilization
* Decrease oxygen debt
* Maximize ATP
* Maximize endurance
* Increase VO2max

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Taste: 10/10. Cre-02 does not have a taste. Being tasteless is the same as having an awesome taste, IMO.

Side Effects: 10/10. I experienced none of the unpleasant side effects including but not limited to bloating, nausea, or water retention, that others have reported as 'common' when using creatine products.

Strength: 7/10. My strength has gradually increased each week over the time that I have used Cre-02. However, given that I was gradually building back up to my Maintenance training levels after quite a while not being able to train properly, this was to be expected.

Oxygen Utilization/Debt: 7/10. For the first time I did NOT use a creatine product on EVERY training day, instead mostly using only on resistance training days. I DID notice that on the days when I dosed Cre-02 my cardio seemed a little easier. I was gradually able to push myself harder as the weeks went on; but there is still quite aways to go before I am back at where I was a few months ago.

Endurance: 9/10. My training sessions over the last few weeks of using Cre-02 have been longer than usual, lasting a good 2.5-3 hours in total from the time that I start my am cardio to the time that I finish my post-weights cardio (something that has started happening only over the last few weeks). Until recently post-weights cardio was NOT something that I would do, but it has become a regular part of my training routine now and I have the energy to do it at least 3 days a week post-weights.

Recovery: 7/10. Recovery between resistance training and post-weights cardio has been pretty good. However, recovery day-to-day has not been as good, with DOMS being experienced up to a few days after that particular session. I know that DOMS is normal, but I usually never get it unless I have just started something new, and even then I would only usually get it for the first week. I have been consistently getting DOMS for the last few weeks, and even after CARDIO (something that has never happened before now).

Overall: 8.8/10. I was highly impressed with my time using samples of Cre-02, which led me to use a full bottle. Upon completion of the bottle the product is still good. I believe that it would better serve me when I am at or above Maintenance training levels, though.

Would I use it again? Yes. However, I prefer to use creatine pre AND post-resistance training, instead of just pre, as is done with Cre-02.

Would I recommend? Yes. Cre-02 is one of the top three creatine products that I would recommend.

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