Taste Test - My Lipotropic Protein Review

  1. Taste Test - My Lipotropic Protein Review

    Thank you to FameGirl for supplying the samples!


    The smell of the protein was awesome when I opened the package it came in, so I was immediately excited to try it! I think someone mentioned it smelling like a choc mint. I have to agree with that. This was my initial impressions as well.

    I mixed the Chocolate with 8oz of Skim Milk in my blender bottle. I shook the mixture for about 20 seconds and it was done. Nothing left behind at all.

    The texture was perfect.. It mixes exactly the same as the XF Whey in the same amount of milk. I hate thick as* protein, so here is another aspect of the Lipotropic protein I am liking so far without even trying it yet

    The taste was excellent. I honestly like it better than the XF chocolate. It was not too sweet and no aftertaste for me at all. I was sad that I drank it so fast. I want more!

    For the price and what you get out of the Protein, It is obviously a great choice to fill your protein needs.

    I Will be hitting the checkout button on a couple bottles of the chocolate for sure!
    - Once I get through all the other bottles from the recent sales going on. -
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  2. We are getting RAVE reviews on our protein!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by LegalGear View Post
    We are getting RAVE reviews on our protein!
    Yeah! You hit the nail on the head there, the chocolate is getting mad reviews now!

  4. Nice review. I need protein and I always forget LG even though I buy so much from them, still not a typical LG product. But their product line has grown to include so many staples I will have to try this at that great price for 5lbs. Most quality proteins go for ~$10/lb so this is a steal.
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