So ive been taking creatine for a long while now and my friend told me that ur supposed to take an off period from ur creatine consumption so ive decided to take a month off. In this off time ive picked up glutamine and PROLAB beta alanine extreme... I got the beta alanine in pill form so its hard for me to measure how many grams im consuming and im starting to feel the effects of the loss of creatine because its harder for me to do my last reps. Ive been taking the pills as recommended on the bottle two pills four times a day with a meal for one week... My question is how long should it be before i start noticing increased power output and visible results? And can i/should i increase the ammount of pills i consume so that i see results faster like a loading phase on creatine or a strength boost for the time being? Any info or tips on stacking my supps will be greatly appreciated.