Road to Huge Gains w/ Halovar, Bulk Time

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  1. Talking Road to Huge Gains w/ Halovar, Bulk Time

    Alright well starting tomorrow, i will being doing Purus Halovar.


    Tomorrow Night i will update this more, about supplements, life style and so on, but i thought i'd bust this out tonight.

    I will say ive been bulking for 2 weeks, ive gone from 146 to about 147.6 or 147.7, im wondering if i will hit 160 in 6 weeks or lean mass. I eat madd fresh healthy! and train hard as hell, currently im doing a 5x5 again, i will update this A WHOLE LOT MORE TOMORROW.



  2. Smash Weight!

    Im sure you'll be 160 know problem even with the milder compound.

  3. To Start Off, Hi my name is Louis Spear!

    Bench 180x5
    Deadlift 245x5

    Height: 5 10
    Weight 147lbs
    Age: 20
    Im considered , jacked cut whatever you wanna say, but i am boreline scranny...I'm pure muscle, very little fat..

    Week1: 50mg Halovar, 2 Organ Shield. MV, Omega 3,6,9s,
    Week2: 50mg Halovar, 2 Organ Shield. MV, Omega 3,6,9s,
    Week3: 75mg Halovar, 2 Organ Shield. MV, Omega 3,6,9s,
    Week4: 75mg Halovar, 2 Organ Shield. MV, Omega 3,6,9s
    Week5: 75mg Halovar, 2 Organ Shield. MV, Omega 3,6,9s
    Week6: 75mg Halovar, 2 Organ Shield. MV, Omega 3,6,9s
    Week7: Recycle: SERM : (Natural Test Booster...Have yet to decide)
    Week8: Undecided
    Week9: Undecided
    Week10: Undecided
    Week11: Undecided
    Week12: Undecided

    For all Weeks:
    MGN Whey Isolate
    MGN Whey Blend
    ON Casein
    NOW 3 6 9
    1aday MultiV
    Gummi Chew MultiV
    More little things like immune fizz and whatnot.

    My Diet:

    I typically Eat:

    Egg white omelette, Egg Beater Omelette and 1 piece of WW Toast, And a bowl of cottage cheese 1% with Krackel Oatbran and a bunch of other cereals in it mixed=Godness.

    Lunch: Turkey, Vegan Cheese, lettuce, tomato, TOn of Onions on WW Bread.

    Pre Lift: 3/4 Cup Oatmeal, spoon of PB, 1scoop Whichever whey im feeling. Mix and Pound that ****tail down=SOOO Gooood

    Post Lift: 1 yoplait Light yogurt with 1 scoop of MGN isolate mixed, and a Turkey Burger w/lettuce tomato, onion, mushrooms, vegan cheese, and somtimes a salad w. veggies and cottage cheese

    Pre Bed: 1/2cup Oatmeal, PB, Casein=Godlyness!

    If you notice anything about my diet, feel free to chime in

    I have no idea what my macros are...

    Im bulking though.

    Workout Regime, i wanted to do strength, but apparently when on Halovar, its optimal to do Bodybuilding/hypertrophy rep range workouts, so i decided i will be doing best of both worlds, things are subject to change though.

    As of Now, im on my own Custom Version of 5x5s, i just add things here and there.
    I am on Week 2 and i am already excelling really well, the weights feel easy, ive actually been doing heavy weights than said. This leads me to my...


    Bench 225
    Squat 225
    Deadlift 315
    Barbell Row 185
    HangClean 185


    I am disappointed that w/ this cycle im no longer going to be taking a preworkout stim r creatine... which means i have to be EXTRA motivated!..We'll see how this go, i want it really badly so i think i will be fine!

    I will put up Pre Picks/Day 1 before Lift Pics and from my Phone so they won't be great... in about 15 minutes when i get off work, before i head to the gym.
    I also would like to link my 5x5 excel spreadsheet, but i do not know how to do attachement! YET!

    Im pumped for day 1!

  4. Great Day, i


    ACCEPTED to UMD, University of MAryland for Spring 2010!!!!!!!

    Im so excited.

  5. Congrats! That should keep ya' motivated.

  6. Day 1 Photos, i did themself w/my camera phone so they are bad.

    Strength and Size

    Weights and the Scale will be the real determination of my progress, but here are some pics.

    Im going to post out my lift session later, im watching TV now!

    Sweet,.....i cannot post my pics until i have a post count of 50... so here is a link for now of my

    I cannot link either.. this sucks... if anyone wants to help pm me, ill pm u the scripts and you could post it for me.!

    That would be awesome!

  7. 10-16-09 Day 1 without Preworkout Stims.

    185x3.....PR, old PR was 185x6 w/Bouncing off chest, no i got 3 legit zero bounce slow reps
    135x8.....suppose to be x5 but whatever.

    Weighted Dips : Man i felt it in my shoulders...its obvious they are lacking
    (BTW no half reps, i go as low as i can go then all the way up!)

    Cable Tricep PullDown w/the flat bar, Close grip

    Squat Superset w/ REverse Grip Single Arm Press Down

    Barx8 / 1x10 Last one felt small Burn
    95x5 / 1x10 Last one felt small Burn
    115x5 / Rest
    135x5 / 1x6 , Drop Set and Got 4 Tight SQueezer Burner ONES!(10 reps total)
    160x5 / NOthing
    185x3 PR= Ive never put this much weight on my back before, i felt like a champ! w/ no stims Pure motivation!!!!!!
    135x8 i meant to do 5 i messed up, but i got 8!

    Hang Cleans: At this Point im semi Motivated and Pumps Finally!!! Kicked in, i did not feel up to Powercleans from the ground cuz my lowerback is still a bit sore, no use and go on it hard. So instead i did Muscle up HangCleans esentially:

    HC / Leg Extension / FLys 30DBs

    60x5 / Nothing / Nothing
    80x7 / Nothing / Nothing
    95x5 / Nothing / Nothing
    115x5 / 1x12 / 1x15
    135xf 135xf 135xf 3x125 Holy **** That was nuts, took full rest no superset
    95x8 / 1x12 /1x12-15

    Wow that was Nuts by this time, my quads feel like they are aching and same with triceps and a bit of my shoulders..... Pumps have kicked in mad, hence me trying to go 135 while at like 70% percent of less of norma strength.

    BB Shurgs
    225x10 Drop Set 185x8 Infront of me then 185x8 from behind..slight diff angle.

    This workout started off pretty bad, no one was at the gym and i had one ear bud, and i was not that into it and it was kinda late, and i just was not amped to be at the gym. I had taken no preworkout stims, which is not usual. It took about 45 minutes into my workout for me to notice my pump and to start really getting into things. When you get tha pump. you know you got, it felt SOOO good, especially knowing that it was all me! I wanted to do High intensity cardio first then Squats, PC, Bench then little accessory things, but areas were taken and my motivation like i said in the beginning was pretty damm low.... But i got through it and had a sick workout! I tried Xtend' apple flavor, it was preetty good, after my workout i weighed 147.3, pretty light, i put a lot of effort into this workout. AGain if i ahad another ear bud things would be a little different.
    Overall good workout looking forward to the next one, from this workout i realized my shoulders are BEHIND! Do work!

    This morning: 10-17-09
    My right bicep joint, with my top fore arm muscle, basically like lower bicep to fore arm aka elbow joint haha is like achy ish this morning any ideas...... maybe the flys....

    Is this an example of back pump but in bicep area, like those areas on my arms feel weird just typing all this as if they are semi fatiguing... any ideas..


    Peace Out Boys


  8. Reserved For Day 1 Pictures:

    For now they are here if you are interested: Then add /showpost.php?p=398415121&postc ount=56

  9. 10-17-09 Saturday
    Day2: 50mg

    My right Bicep is Bothersome.....

    High Row
    170x9 DS 140x3
    110x12 No knee leverage basically abbs keeping me Down

    Low Row
    110x10 80x3

    SA ROW / superset / HammerCurls

    (2 sets ) 55DB x 10 / 30DBs for 10 swinged when needed but held at peak contract. and slowrealsed.

    PreacherCurl / superset / Reverse Forearm curl and BB Forearm Curls

    2 sets of those.

    Finihsed off with two sets of Rear Delt Machine.

    For not being in the mood to lift and having a an achy elbow joint... i know weird, my muscles are fine , i just cannot explain, hopefully it get better, it did not hurt to lift it at all, i know lsiten to your body so i did. the exercises i did today, i did not feel that much in my traps and really tried to isolate my back muscles, thinking squezzing my angle wings, im trying to get mass back there!!!

    Day 2 without stims, damm man, as soon i started picking up weights i got hot and ready no homo, these natty pumps are too easy... well for now so far im pleased, i also forgot ipod at home!!!1 But i got a sick lift, intrinisc Motivation baby!!!

    Ultimately sick lift, tomorrow plan on taking it easy and can't wait already until Monday's Lifts! Lets Go!

    Heres a pic of tonight Treat: showpost.php?p=398792681&postc ount=4804
    I also had some casein sludge when i got home.

    Here are some picks of my pumps i got,they were a lot more intense then this, but this is all my camera phone could show...
    Here is a link cuz this Forum is mad strict..... then add "showpost.php?p=398804741&post count=60"

    Peace Out.

    Lets hope tomoroow is better.

  10. 10-19-09

    185x8!!!!!! The spreadsheet intended 186x5, which i thought was gonna be iffy, i busted 8 of them My biggest PR yet !!!!!

    185x3 My biceps n shoulders are not 100% so i was not that fresh Time to EAT

    125x5 Shiit that was a toughy

    Incline DB Press
    1x8 50DBs i could feel my shoulder is shot...

    DB Flys
    2x8 ALways under tension Concentration 30Dbs

    Seated Tricep Extnesions
    2x8 45DB really focused on control and form

    Overhead Cable single Arm:
    1x4 DS 1x7

    BB Shrugs
    1x10 135
    1x12 225
    1x10 245
    1x8 245 Mini Pause got 6 more then

    Some Light CArdio:
    I call it "30on30off"

    Incline 6.0
    Speed 9.5

    30 off, then 30 on for 5 Rounds.

    Something nice and light.

    Notes: MY biceps in general feel so much better btw! In addition, My squat increased which really makes me happy! Thirdly my shoulders were not at 100% for today and either were my biceps which i felt hindered my ability to get 185 up 5 times. As of now, things are good! Can't wait to see how my body feels tomorrow.

    No sides besides elevated heartrate

  11. 10-20-09

    alright so i feel great.

    Pumps in general- vascularity is up.

    My back middle right area of back doesnt say hurt, but feels bothersome at times

    i know i could be a hypercondriac, but i think im going to get taurine powder or pills...

    i think its my kidney...

    any suggestions, is it norm. to feel one and not the other?

  12. 10/21/09

    Walking on Treadmill WArm Up


    Military PRess

    Shoulder Press DBs
    40DBs 2x10

    2 sets Lateral Raises 12lbsx12, 15lbsx11

    Decline Side Abs

    Side Abs w/DB
    2x with 50DB

    2x10 superset each set with Crunch until Burn!

    I had 3/4 cup of oats today and i felt kinda full still, regardless i just again anyway. Im still looking for the perfect pre-workout staple, i like to be routine. Lift went good, abs felt mad firm, and shoulders felt a lil beat.

    According to the scale post workout i weighed: 150.1 or 150.2 can't remember unfortunately. COuld be water weights, either way there are many variables, this saturday, i will weigh my self after i wake up and compare to last saturday, that will be the ultimate test. Still though its been over 6 months since ive seen myself in the 150s

    On top of all that im feeling great

  13. What are side abs? Also rock aways? Thanks.

  14. here is link to what i consider a diff. version of hollow rocks : youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=76YiwFKp4L4&feature=re lated

    Side abs: the one where you hold a DB then lean and feel a stretch to one side then contract and go back to normal and hold for a 1.5 seconds then repeat.

    Hope that helps!

  15. Side abs build up love handles... Just an FYI... I though thats what you were saying.

  16. what?

    explain, im confused.

  17. day off.

    No sides, feeling great, i feel bigger.... just hope im stronger. we'll find out tomorrow.

  18. 10 23 09

    195x3 never put this much weiht on my back!!!! PRish

    185x4 PR could of hit 5, but i hit the second safety bar on way down, and threw everything off
    185x4 PR

    Tricep Rope Down: these hurt my shoulders,,... why.... please help, its like a mini sharp just like burn acute pain, i think its just my shoulders are weak....

    12,12,12,10 Wanna build size

    Incline flys
    45DB 5
    35 DB 8,12

    Another Tricep Press down this one is in the shape of a V upside down kinda

    12,6 drop set to 6 more

    Incline DB
    55DBs 8,7

    135x6 slow and for form, then went to the infamous ropedown and busted out a last set of 8 and superstted it to another tricep machine for final burnout

    I decided not to do Powercleans, i ran out of time, im at work now. i had to fit everything in.

    So tomorrow will be back, biceps and trap-shoulders

    Good lift: i hit 185x4 in full control, form was not amazing, but i got it up. and i hit 195x3 on squats.

    Im definitly feeling some pumps in my lower back throughout the day and random like high blood pressure, im going to start training with a heart rate monitor and in general check out m RHR and etc.

    I am also going to order some taurine and milk thistle.

    Wish me luck. Tomorrow im going to weigh my self in the morning to do a week 1 recap.

  19. They work the muscle that is where "love handles" would be if you had any fat on you. If you have fat there the muscle will build up under, or you can get muscular in that area. It is a personal thing I don't care for that look. I used to do those but stpped when I figured out it wasn't helping but made it worse lol. They were getting bigger...

  20. subbed, want to get me some Halovar. What else have you ran?
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  21. this is my first cycle

  22. Congrats on the school and nice log!

    Big gains to come...

  23. Quote Originally Posted by GRAYHORSE View Post
    Congrats on the school and nice log!

    Big gains to come...
    Thanks man, and thanks for chiming in. The Log is going great. Im still seeing no elevation in libido, i feel mine is kinda low in general so i def. would notice any boost. GOtta get some Pootang ya kno haha

    Well yea so this is first real official weigh in all the others ive done were post lift. VERY INACCURATE, for instance for the start of this cycle i thought i was 147.1, yesterday after gym it said i was 151, the day before 150.7 without shoes... today this morning after pee and half glass of water i am 146.6 . Yea its light, it kinda makes me happy for two reasons to see that number.

    1. Placebo effect, there was none, everything was legit, and i ate a lot, and i did not gain a lot of extra fat, and there is actually a noticable STRENGTH INCREASE, which is very exciting for me ive been at a plateu.

    2. This is a sign that i can up the calories more, which means more food, which im happy about.

    3. Means that i now have an official starting point thats accurate. 146.6 week 1 and strength logs as well

    Basically im still happy, i was going to increase the dosage, but as you all can see, i will definitly benifit increasing my FOOD intake more. Im thinking just eat the same and add some ice cream at night?..... or should i just add more food throughout the day.

    Today will be week 1 of a new bulk. I weighed 146.6 this morning.

    My strength has gone up! Im worried about abs and stuff cuz of getting fat, but im slowly starting to forget about that. Im hittin 185 x4 twice yesterday which means, it was not that big of a problem, and i figured out what i was not doing for chest and i squted 185x8 last monday and yesterday 195x3, so those two are personal bests.

    Again my goals:

    Squat:225 Perfect form slow all the way down DEEP LOW all the way up
    Bench 225: No bounce, Full Control , touch chest.
    Overhead Press 135:
    Deadlift: 315 perfect Form, ZERO ROUNDED BACK!
    Hang Clean 155:

    I heading towards these goals. Im deciding today to up the calories a little and on my off day to eat really clean and to have one cheat DAY, not meal, just help me get the extra calories for the weak. ITs time to increase calories.

    If anyone whats to chime in a good ratio:

    I was thinking just make sure i get at least 150 grams of protein in me, and make up the rest of the 3000-3500 calories from fats and carbs.

    Any suggestions would be awesome.

    Some people say no cabrs before bed, others argue a calorie is a calorie man.

    At this point Im in a mix of feeling, but i am definitly going to shoot fro at LEAST 2800-3600.

    I will start posting my meals for this next week if ya'll would like to see them.,


    I'll post my workout after i do it in a couple of hours!

  24. btw my chest is so fing sore... time to eat more and recover.....

    ya'll should check out puritan pride .com its having good sales. im thinking of getting some goods there. like milk thistle, and etc.

  25. this site will not allow me to post pictures, or websites basically im its slave haha

    well here is week 1 pictures and more!

    go to /cycle-logs/19143-spears-mass-log-do-work.html#post366857



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