Gettin rid of DOMS with 30 days of perfect sleep and recovery thanks to MSTs SGh+ZMK

  1. Talking Gettin rid of DOMS with 30 days of perfect sleep and recovery thanks to MSTs SGh+ZMK

    Millennium Sport Technologies Somnidren-Gh

    What you get from SGh:
    Better recovery
    Better Sleep
    A prolonged GH spike due to the Somatstat-X Blend
    A favorable anabolic environment while sleeping.

    Millennium Sport Technologies ZMK

    What you get from ZMK:
    Better recovery
    A favorable anabolic environment while sleeping.

    First off I would like to say thanks to Millennium 1 for giving me a chance to run these products, I have taken several GH products before, and look forward to seeing what this product can do.

    Goals: Lately I have had enough strength in me at the gym to go balls to the wall everyday till I die. This has led to me have some severe DOMS especially after legs day. The point of Somnidren-GH, and the ZMK is to help me recover faster, through sleeping better, and with the increased GH boost. I will be looking forward to seeing myself less stressed, less fatigued, and in much less pain from my continual self inflicted beatings at the gym.

    Background info: I have never really done a detailed log before, And I have been lifting for just about a year straight, I have never been happier. I'm 24 years old.

    Workout Routine:
    Four days a week I do fasted weights and cardio, one day a week I just do cardio. I strive for at least 6 sets on every exercise, and if I didn't happen to reach failure I do one last set at light weight till I do. w/o routine is mon-shoulders traps, tues- back and bi's, wed cardio, thurs- chest and tri's, and fri- Legs baby!

    I will also be using:
    fish oil 15g ed.
    Anabolic pump.
    Multi vitamin.
    and will probably add in MST's Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA...

    Advice, help, supporters, money, and first born children are always welcomed and enjoyed. Now let's get this thing going and put 'er to the test!

  2. in for the ride brother! Enjoy it!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

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