By chance if anyone like to hear about the results of how this work on me, im going to get straight to the point.
Im taking epi-tren by bosc. Im on day 28 with 2 weeks left to go, I am pulsing, MWF I also take one pill on sunday and tuesday night at 11 pm for my 6am workout.
my co-supplements are perfect cycle 5 days a week, creatine on workout days and once a day on off days, dhea and vandyal sulfate on off days, protien drink twice a day with olive oil vs. flaxseed oil, just my money saving tech.
i have my pct ready when done, i have serm if need be, if no weird sides, i will go will a otc pct. creatine and no,

Being im 28 days in i am able to give most numbers now, i base my gains off weigh gains, and my monday bench day, and fri bench day, and my deadlift. all other movements are just as equal in strength gains, i only judge myself off these three.
Side note: I have done spawn before and was able to see my strenght go sky high, but was not able to truly gauage it, so this is why i choose to give my strength gains

age 42
Bodyfat 16% and i wont tested it again until im done
Start weight: 194 - day 28 weigh 212 1/4 thats 18 pounds and still 13 days to go.

Start weight on bench 275x10x3 sets day 28 bench 330x10x3 sets thats 55 pounds of 30 reps, not just one rep and im trying 340 or 345 on monday next week.

Second bench day 315x4x3 sets day 25 bench 370x4x3 sets thats 55 pounds and i still have friday for this week.

I have 3 more bench days left in this cycle and workout program, i will then cut my reps and test my doubles and signals.

Here's the days when i weight
day 7 up 8 pounds
day 14 up 3 pounds 11 total
day 21 up 4 pounds 15 total
day 28 up 3 pounds 18 total
day 35 to come
day 42 to come
I weigh myself on judging should i step up food on thurdays to know should i pick up extra calories on my olive oil or im i able to not eat extra if i dont have to.

Agaim i am pulsing, giving me the option to extend this past 4 weeks, i have only had two sides, i had a blood presure headache and step my perfect cycle in, no more headache, three days of back pain, added banana's and gone,
I have used proho before, and my body seem to work well with this, the last time i used, i immediately went into my lean down and was not able to really judge what i lost or kept, now that its fall, i dont have to lean down until march, so i will have action to go one more time til then.
hope i shade some good light on this mix.