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  1. Day 12- Back

    V Bar Rows-
    4 platesX12
    5 PlatesX7, 6

    Pull Ups-

    One Arm DB Rows (OADR)-
    150x8, 7, 7

    Lat Pull Downs (superstetted w/ OADR)-
    6 sets

    Seated Cable Rows^DB Pull Overs-
    3 Sets

    Smith Machine Pull Ups (parr to floor)-
    3 Sets

    Strength not really where I wanted it to be, think Im starting to wear down a bit. Still feel good, think my bod is just a bit beat up, been really hitting it hard and the results are really showing in the mirror. Lat size is up, chest size up and waist is the same.

    Assessment (-10 to +10)
    --Aching joints
    --Back pumps

  2. If you wouldn't mind, could you include how much you're lifts are going up?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    If you wouldn't mind, could you include how much you're lifts are going up?
    Sure, the problem is that a lot of times the PRs are not true PRs but conditional PRs.

    For instance 315x6 and then 7 on flat bench last week is twenty lbs below my six rep max, but Ive never been that strong after two sets of the 120 DBs on incline.

    Ill make more of a note of it and do a twenty day recap of all of my lifts during the log. Thanks for following along!

  4. Smith Machine Military Press-

    Standing DB Curls-
    45sX8, 8, 8

    DB Shrugs-
    300x12, 10, 10

    Side Laterals(supersetted with Shrugs)-
    4 Sets

    Machine Military^Machine Curls^Cable Laterals^Hi Cable Curls-
    3 Sets

    Think I need a good break. Strength not down, but also not up. Just going through the motions this day, also had my GREs a couple hours after my workout which was stressing me out. Decided to take a three day break to rest up and then hit it hard again.

    Assessment (-10 to +10)
    --Aching joints
    --Back pumps
  5. Day 14,15,16- REST!!!

    Decided to take a three day haitus to get my heal my body. Ive been hitting it so hard these past couple of weeks it felt really good to relax. Still feeling good, libido is down a bit, weight is steady.

    Assessment (-10 to +10)
    --Aching joints
    --Back pumps

  6. Day 17- Legs

    Front Squats-
    275x5+7 total reps

    Machine Calf Raises-
    7 sets

    Full Squats-
    405x8, 8knee starting hold weight again

    Hamstring Curls-
    3 Sets

    Felt awesome to hit legs with a fresh body and mind. Knee is feeling a lot better and my front squats are starting get pretty damn good. Feeling awesome, think shut down is officially under way as my libido is back down.

    Assessment (-10 to +10)
    --Aching joints
    --Back pumps

  7. *NOTE* Im only listing working sets

    Flat BB Bench Press-
    315x8+16 total Reps^225x10^135x10

    Incline BB Press-

    Flat DB Bench (combined weight)-
    240x6, 5

    Incline DB Press (combined weight)-
    200x7, 6

    Felt very strong today. Flat bench was awesome as well as incline. Very nice gains so far.

    --Slight back pump today
    --Libido down a bit as well
  8. Day 19- Back

    [center]Dead Lift-
    471x8, 7 [color=green]NEW 8 REP MAX!!![/color}

    Wide Grip Pull Ups-
    BWx8, 8, 8, 8, 7

    Hammer Strength T-Bar Rows-
    4 Sets

    Lat Pull Downs-
    4 Sets

    Strength is really amazing me. Feel like a beast in the gym!!! Back pump was painful, but not unbearable. Libido is still down a bit.
    Assessment (-10 to +10)
    --Back pumps
    --Libido Down
    *Weight-Did Not weigh
  9. Question Day 20- Rest

    Feeling a little down lately. But still want to hit the gym hard. Strange. Boys are starting to shrink, but to be expected. Feeling good overall, excited about hitting shoulders and arms hard tomorrow. Weight is up and Im looking freaking massive lately. About same BF as when I started.

    Assessment (out of 10)-
    ---Shut Down
  10. Shoulders and Arms

    BTN Shoulder Presses-
    185x8, 8, 8 new pr for total reps

    BB Curls-
    135x8, 8, 8 +16 total reps

    Hammer Grip Lying Triceps Extension-
    100x14, 14, 12, 10 (rehabing an effed elbow, first time doing ext for ages)

    Seated Arnold Presses (total of DB)-
    150x12, 10

    DB Preacher Curls-
    4 Sets

    Damn Im making great strength gains. Looking like a beast as well, especially from the back. My Fiance took a pic of my back and I was like holy f**k!!! Finally broke the 230 mark Ill have to post it up, it looks bad ass. On the negs side, lethargy and shut down are holding steady, no increase in acne or shedding of any sort.

    Assessment (-10 to +10)
    --Shut Down
    *Weight-230.4 +7.8


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