(Sponsored) AE gets a pre workout White Raspberry pump thanks to CL

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  1. (Sponsored) AE gets a pre workout White Raspberry pump thanks to CL

    First, a big thanks to Dracoy and CL for giving me another soht here with a CL product.

    I will be starting the lovely new flavor of White Raspberry today. Also, I will not be using it daily, as I train 6 days a week, and dont want to allow my system to adjust to it. I will be predominantly using this on my more strenuous days, specifically Saturdays for legs.

    I will be posting the new pictures this afternoon as my cut is still going well, and am closing in on 200.

    Updates coming this afternoon
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  2. Watching, since I am going to be starting when I get mine.

    Team APPNUT
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  3. welcome Rosie, I will be joining you in your log as well
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  4. OK, just got back from my chest tri's workout

    Drank my WF about 35 minutes prior to leaving for the gym. Flavor was interesting. I think I probably had too much water, as it was a tad watered down for my taste. However, that is the beauty of this, as I can experiment a tad till I get it right.

    Incline BP (10 sets) 300lbs 2 reps
    Flat BP (6 sets) 275lbs 4 strict competition reps
    Cable Cross overs (4 sets) 70lbs

    2arm reverse grip pulldowns (8 sets) 2 giant sets <4 pyramids>
    CG BP (5 sets) 225lbs 8 reps

    20 minutes 15% 4.1mph

    Felt very focused which is what I expect from WF, and that never disappoints. Had a bit more of a BA tingle than I expected, which is neither bad nor good to be honest. It mixes very easily, a few shakes in a shaker and it was thoroughly mixed. As I said, taste was hard to gauge today as I added too much water.

    Tomorrow is a back thickness day, and looking forward to a bit of a buzz from the WF
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  5. oh and also, weighed in, which I dont like to do in the afternoon typically, however this was good.

    Fully dressed, full belly etc... 205lbs 198 here I come
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  6. welcome RR, good to have you aboard
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  7. OK, here is a look at my back day

    Dosed 2 scoops about 20 minutes prior to leaving. Again, mixing was not an issue. I used less water and it was a very sweet taste. Thus far I like the lemonade flavor better, but I am also partial to lemon flavored drinks.

    Pre w.o cardio
    25 minutes 15% 4.1mph (this is in addition to my typical early am cardio at 4:30am)

    CG BB Rows (6 sets) 205lbs 8 reps
    Back extensions (10 sets) 10 pyramiding giant sets
    Supported TBar (6 sets) 3 45's neutral grip
    Rope barn doors (6 sets) 110lba

    Once again, excellent focus, and truly felt energized. With long days at work and waking up at 4:20 everyday for my fasted cardio, thursdays and fridays I drag a$$ a bit. However, I was really pumped and ready to roll today.
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  8. I bet you like this very much!

  9. I have always been a huge fan of WF, and most specifically the lemonade flavor.
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  10. My favorite: Shoulder Day

    Just got back in.

    Pre w/o warmup cardio
    20 minutes 15% 4.1mph

    Seated press (8 sets) 245lbs 3 reps, 2 sets @ 225lbs 6 reps each
    BTN press (5 sets) 155lbs
    Seated db shrugs (5 sets) 115lbs
    Run the rack side laterals (5 sets) 40,30,20,15,10lbs to failure no rest
    Reverse peck deck (5 sets) 90,75,60,45,30lbs to fialure no rest

    BTN Press and shrugs were super setted

    I am beat, but a hell of a pump

    Will put up the pictures tomorrow, as during the week is a bit of a grind
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  11. Pics from this am

    Just taken pics post fasted am cardio at 203lbs
    Attached Images Attached Images    
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  12. Here is my least favorite day, leg day

    pre w/o cardio
    25 minutes 15% 4.1mph

    Leg press (8 sets) 8 45's each side sets of 7
    BB Lunges (6 sets) 115-135lbs
    Leg extensions (5 sets) 200lbs

    Supersets of standing and seated calf raises 5 sets each exercise.

    Did my normal 2 scoops of WF pre w/o. Am not going to use it tomorrow, as I dont want to totally acclimate myself to it.
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  13. Have you noticed the GABA rush yet? WF gives a nice mental kick, for sure. Good luck with the log

  14. Decided to use it today after all for chest and tis

    Warm up:
    bike 30 minutes 7%

    Flat BP (9 sets) 300lbs 2 comp reps
    Incline BP (6 sets) 225lbs 12 reps
    Floor Press (5 sets) 225lbs

    CG BP (5 sets) 225lbs
    DB Extensions (5 sets) 85lbs

    Will update more tomorrow
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  15. due to being a bit under the weather, I did not use WF yesterday. WIll be back on it tomorrow for chest and tris.
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  16. Back from the gym

    Bike 25 minutes 6%

    Incline bp (9 sets). 275lbs 2 sets 5 reps each
    Flat bp (5 sets) 300 2 comp reps

    Db extensions (5 sets) 100lbs
    Reverse grip pulldowns (5 sets) 110lbs

    Weight is down as I am now just barely 200 fully dressed for being sick, I had a decent workout which WF helped with.

  17. just as a little update. I did lift yesterday at work, however no WF since I was out of hte house from 6am to 10pm.

    Will use today for shoulders.

    Also, I have a minor case of bronchitis. I am going to keep pushing through it however
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  18. Got in a good shoulder workout today considering. Mixed my WF 10 minutes prior to the gym. As I did 30 minutes of bike work prior to lifting.

    Seated press (6 sets) 2 sets @ 225lbs 6 reps
    BTN press (6 sets) 185lbs 6 reps
    Upright rows (5 sets) 135lbs
    Reverse peck deck (10 sets) 2 pyramiding sets @ 5 different weights no resting

    Considering I have bronchitis of the trachea (what the doc said) the w/o was good. Additionally I felt fairly focused and aggressive throughout.

    As an aside, I weighed in at the doc's at 4pm and fully dressed and having eaten I was only 203lbs.

  19. Back on the WF train today for double cardio and chest/tris

    AM cardio
    treadmill 30 minutes 15% 4.5mph
    bike 25 minutes 6% incline

    PM lift/cardio
    flat bp (9 sets) 300lbs 2 reps 275lbs 5 contest reps
    Incline bp (6 sets) 275lbs 4 reps

    CG BP (6 sets) 250lbs 4 reps
    2arm db extensions (6 sets) 100lbs 8 reps

    Post w/o cardio
    30 minutes 15% 4.5mph

    The WF is still going strong especially dosing every other day. The impact remains powerful. The mixing is a breeze, in fact a couple of shakes and it is mixed through and hits me fairly quickly (20+ minutes)

    The only issue I have is the flavor. Not a huge fan. In fact I really like the lemonade better. However, for the focus and aggression I get from WF it is worth not liking the flavor
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  20. Ok..typical chest day

    Pre w/o cardio
    Bike 30 minutes

    Incline bp (8sets) 275lbs 4 reps
    Flat BP (5 sets) 295lbs 2 comp reps

    CG BP 250lbs 4 reps
    2 arm reverse pulldowns (5 sets) 110lbs

    Felt good, even with a bit of life distraction. Gave me itchy eyes today for some reason.

  21. a little update from yesterday

    HS high row (5 sets) 3 45's each side
    Supported tbar (5 sets) 3 45's 1 25
    Back Extensions (10 sets) typical 2 giant sets 5 weights

    bike 30 minutes 7%
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  22. 2 workouts to mention

    SO, due to some scheduling issues I have 2 workouts to write up

    Friday Shoulders:
    Seated press (8 sets) 225lbs 5 reps
    Reverse peck deck (10 sets) 2 giants sets 5 weights pyramid no rest
    Side laterals (10 sets) run the rack 5 weights pyramid no rest
    BTN press (4 sets) 175lbs
    DB shrugs (5 sets) 115lbs

    Saturday Legs:
    Leg extensions (5 sets) warmup weights 150-180lbs
    Back squats (8 sets) 225lbs
    Leg press (8 sets) 7 45's each side 8-10 reps
    Seated calf raises (5 sets)
    Standing calf raises (10 sets) 2 giant sets 5 weights pyramid no rest

    The WF kicked my a$$ this am as it was a major boost. I have gotten the water correct and have really been hit by the gaba rush awfully fast (20 minutes max)

    The effects are outstanding, its easy to mix, the pump is nice, but the flavor makes it hard for me
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  23. I noticed the flavor thing also, where seemed too watered down at first but once I tweaked it to about 15-16oz tastes amazing! And I love the rush too, definitely helps me get motivated to hit the gym, and the pumps are insane for me

    BTW you have ridiculous workouts and numbers, have you had any strength decreases since you've been dropping weight? From how I read you workouts didnt look like it, even adding strength possibly, but I couldnt tell

  24. Strength has been fairly consistent. I am pretty pleased for my weight right now, as I was 200 in an entired sweatsuit (hoodie and everything) this am.

    Chest and tris today
    Flat bp (8 sets) 295lbs 2 reps
    Floor press (5 sets) 275lbs
    Incline bp (5 sets) 225lbs

    CGBP (7 sets) 225lbs
    2arm db ext (5 sets) 100lbs

    Didn't have as strong a response today, most likely due to consistent use. Additionally today was a tough w/o as it is my last sunday pre competition and I was getting some unruly text messages. Did I mention women suck?


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